Marcasite – Jewelry of the Trend

Posted on November 16, 2010, 3:54 pm
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The original name of marcasite was given by by mineralogists to an unstable form of iron sulphide crystallizing in the rhomibic system, but the marcasite found in jewelry today is crystallized in the cubic system. Marcasite jewelry has a history that stretches back hundreds and hundreds of years.It was especially fashionable in Victorian times Our marcasite jewelry is attached with a real stone. Marcasite jewellery usually refers to silver jewellery.


Marcasite is a beautiful cost efficient metal that jewelry and has a vintage look., online catalogue offers a large selection of Marcasite jewelry in the earring, pendants and rings.


925 Sterling Silver Marcasite Jewelry set


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Marcasite Jewelry is now often seen people wearing this antique jewelry at the party occasions.


925 Sterling Silver With Real Stone & Marcasite Jewelry set


From time, Marcasite is a beautiful cost efficient metal that jewelry has a vintage look.