Marcasite Jewelry Vintage Designs for Vintage Lovers

Posted on January 24, 2017, 3:36 am
4 mins

Marcasite jewelry is another type of jewelry design which had attracted many jewelry enthusiasts. The material marcasite can also be considered as an eminent constituent in designing sterling silver jewelry items. Most of the time, marcasite is combined with sterling silver and their fusion results with a beautiful aesthetic and good quality. Hence, a lot of people have been eyeing on these items. Since marcasite jewelry is gradually making its way to its popularity, you might actually be curious on the material’s information just like how you were curious about sterling silver. Furthermore, you might want to look for interesting designs which might fit your budget and style.


Jewelry items which are made from marcasite actually do not come from marcasite as its name suggests. These jewelry items are actually made from pyrite. Pyrite is a a mineral otherwise known as a fool’s gold. Pyrite is actually similar to marcasite, however, the former is much more stable and less brittle. In making this jewelry items, the material undergoes frequent setting in order to turn the small pieces into silver. Those materials which are made by gluing the pieces of pyrite are of cheaper value compared with those which undergo setting.

Vintage designs are one of the most adored jewelry aesthetic there is. The classiness of vintage creates a nostalgic effect on an individual’s style. Furthermore, vintage style is perfect for anyone. It gives another level of sophistication to an individual who prefers to wear this kind of jewelry style. The beauty of marcasite jewelry comes not only from the material itself but also from other intricate materials used in designing the jewelry. These intricate materials are used in order to further enhance the aesthetics of the finished marcasite product.


Some examples of these intricate materials used in designing this jewelry are beads, gemstones, silver, and enamel. These materials give another twist in the aesthetics of these jewelry items. Vintage designed marcasite jewelry items can be paired with various outfits, preferably, those which also looks classy and formal. You have to consider that the style of vintage items are not actually similar with those modern designed jewelry items. This means that there may be instances wherein your casual outfit may not actually complement with these vintage jewelry items. However, the beauty and glamour of vintage will never be outdated. Vintage designed jewelry items are still one of the most sought after designs because of the different aura it gives compared to the modern ones.


Many of the jewelry enthusiasts may want to look for vintage jewelry in the nearest jewelry stores from their home. Since vintage designs are rare compared with the modern ones, you might have a hard time looking for them. However, because of modern technology, there have been a vast popularity of online web stores worldwide. Some of these web stores are sellers of precious jewelry items. Through these, shopping for jewelry with designs that suit your style is easier compared to walking in and out of jewelry shops. So, if you love vintage designs and would like to purchase vintage jewelry items, you can absolutely browse on various web stores worldwide.