Meaningful Pendant Design Ideas for Everyone

Posted on October 15, 2016, 5:29 am
6 mins

People are generally sentimental. Even if some people think that they are not as emotional as others, they still have the feeling of sentiment deep, deep down. We usually put our sentiments on things on which we could always look back on. Sometimes, we carry these things around us to boost our confidence, to give ourselves character, to remember something/someone, to connect with others, and many other personal intentions that only depends on us. Most of the time, we carry these sentiments on jewelry items that are handed to us by our parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, or special someone. One of those jewelry items that are so precious and sweet to almost everyone of us are necklaces. In necklaces, pendants are usually the heart of sentiments.

There are a lot of different designs of pendants which we could give meaning to individuals or to couples out there. Check out this list of meaningful pendant design ideas and find out the perfect pendant that you are looking for!

Birth Stone Pendants

One of the most popular choice of pendant designs for necklace chains are birth stone pendants. You are able to buy them in stores and the stone that you choose for your pendant depends on the month of your birthday! This is one of the most meaningful pendant that you could purchase because it represents not only the month in which you were born, but also, these gemstones used in pendants hold various symbolism which were believed by ancient people. These stones could be a symbol a love, passion, trust, loyalty, or beauty. It really is very amazing when you wear one of these birth stone pendants as it kind of gives a representation and character to anyone who wears this.

Engraved Pendants

If you wanted to give a message or a promise to someone special, you can buy pendants with engraved names or messages on it! There are a lot of different ideas that you could write on these pendants. You can write your name on it, or a name of someone close to you, a message, or anything special that you wanted to be engraved o the jewelry. This is one of the most romantic pendants out there. You can give it to your special someone, or pass it on to your family members, or purchase it for yourself to give you assurance of the things that are very significant to you.

Initial Pendants

Initial pendants are famously used by almost everyone who buys necklace chains. Usually, it is the first letter of someone’s name that is seen hanging on their necklaces. These things are commonly given to us by our parents when they start buying us a set of jewelry. This holds significance since our names themselves are very important value for us. Having your initial as a pendant gives you a lot of confidence to yourself and helps you to remember your inner emotions. This actually depends on who wears it but some of these feelings can be felt by others. Not only can you use your name’s initials on pendants, moreover, you could actually purchase a pendant with your parents’ initials, or someone’s who is close to your heart.

Locket Pendants

Locket pendants are a classic. These pendants are one of the most romantic pendants used for necklace chains. A lot of people who owns a locket pendant hold memories and remembrance to certain people and things. You can put a photo of someone very close to you in these locket pendants. If you have a deceased family member or loved one, you could also buy a locket pendant which can hold some of their ashes if you have cremated them. Through this, you are able to stay close to those people that truly matters to you. If you want a pendant design which holds so much sentiments, locket pendants are a perfect and classic choice.

Matching/Couple Pendants

Matching or couple pendants are a fresh idea that have been a popular choice nowadays to some people. The purpose of these pendants is to stay in connection with either your best friend, lover, or to anyone whom you have a very close relationship with. Matching pendants are very romantic as it signifies your special emotional connection towards another individual even though you are miles apart. This kind of pendant reminds you of your feelings towards the other person whom you share matching pendants with.