Stud Earrings Incredible Designs for Men

Posted on October 24, 2016, 3:22 am
5 mins

Ear piercings have been a very popular way of expressing an individual’s character. We often associate these with the way we present our own style. Although women are most likely to get ear pierced, the men’s section had also showed their interest in this area. Thus, stud earrings have been designed for both women and men as well! Stud earrings are an ear jewelry characterized by small pieces of materials. These earrings are able to fit into the earlobes without hanging it down. One of the most recognizable features of a stud earring is the way it is perfectly fitted into the ear. These earrings are attached in the earlobe with a post rather than a hook.


The material used for this kind of earrings vary and so does its quality. There are a number of cheap pairs of stud earring sold in the market. These inexpensive earrings are made with non-metal materials. Some of these earrings could be just made of plastic, enamel, or glass. They may be a lot more affordable, but the disadvantage is these materials could irritate your skin and are easily broken. When buying jewelry, it is always a pleasure to buy something with a fine quality. Thus, a stud earring which is made with precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum are the best option.

There are a lot of designs of a stud earring which targets women. Fortunately, men also get to have designs of earrings for those who desire to have their ears pierce. These are just a few samples of the many incredible ideas of stud earring designs available to men:

Metal Stud Earring

One of the most popular designs of a stud earring used by pierced men are those of metal made. It could either be made of silver, gold, or platinum depending on your choice. They are mostly consisted of round shapes and are in black color. Most of the men prefer black as it is more eye catching and the black color just gives so much character when worn by men. It kind of gives a bad boy look with also a hint of sophistication especially because the black color looks very neat when attached to the skin. There are designs of metal studs which look like a barbel wherein the shape of the lock is similar with the earring itself and it just looks simple yet edgy. A lot of designs of a stud earring are made from metal, there also square shaped, there are what they call kite studs, and many more. You can browse it online to see which metal stud earring is perfect for your style.

Symbol Stud Earring

Stud earring designed with symbols are also very popular among men. This kind of stud earring design features various pictures or shapes of different things which symbolizes something. Examples of these are those pairs of studs designed with a skull, the peace symbol, cannabis, etc. These designs when worn look ragged in style. It gives a different character to anyone who wears it. Its style is very modern and sets you up with a cool fashion look if that is what you aim for.

Gemstone Stud Earring

Stud earrings with gemstone are not only popular among women but with men as well. There are a lot of designs to choose from. Do not feel constricted about buying these earrings just because most women wear them. Men also have every right to wear a pair of earrings with gemstones in it. The most popular gemstone designed stud earring for men are those with diamonds. It looks very fancy when worn. Who says that only women should be allowed to look elegant? Browse online for your desired gemstone stud earrings and you might just find the perfect one for you.