Mid Year Summer Jewelry

Posted on June 28, 2010, 9:40 am
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Our mid year summer jewelry is in Fashion Jewelry
~ Costume Shell Bracelets
~ Costume Shell Earrings
~ 18k gold plated ring

Fashion Natural PAUA Shell Bracelet

The costume shell bracelet quality is like a glow in the light. When worn the jewelry just looks different as seen. It just shimmers in the light!

Want to make a bracelet to be a complete set add a costume shell earrings

Fashion Natural PAUA Shell Earrings

This piece weighs on 4.80 gram and we have many other range of the weights to this jewelry.

The 18k gold CZ plated ring  has sizes in size5.5 – 2pcs
, size 6 – 1pc , size6.5 – 1pcs , size7 – 5pcs , size7.5 – 2pcs 
The elegant classic band provides a beautiful
White CZ.