Month Gemstones: February’s Gem Facts and Jewelry Designs

Posted on February 20, 2017, 4:54 pm
4 mins

Gemstones are one of the most favorite luxurious item besides jewelry. These precious stones give a large contribution to the aesthetics of a jewelry item. These gems are one of the reasons behind the glamorous physical beauty of a jewelry. However, they do not only enhance the aesthetic of jewelry. These precious gems hold various symbolism and power/s that our ancestors believed in. Moreover, each of these gemstones represent a month. These things are probably one of the reasons why gems have been significant to most people. The month gemstones do not only represent months of the year, but also provides a generalized distinction of the month.

The sophistication that gemstones give to jewelry items and the significant meanings they attribute are few reasons behind its value. Also, the feeling of an individual to be able to wear a gemstone which represents his/her birth month is ecstatic. Especially since these precious gems do not fail to enhance the aesthetic of a certain jewelry. Whether this jewelry item is made of gold, silver, or any other materials, gemstones are always a perfect choice for its aesthetic design. For the month of love, allow us to discuss some of the facts of this month’s gemstone. Moreover, let us give you some ideas of the perfect jewelry designs available in various jewelry shops worldwide!

The feature of this month gemstones article is the gem that represents February. The amethyst is the precious stone that embodies the month of love. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the amethyst will help to prevent the wearer from the intoxicating powers of Bacchus (Bacchus is another name for Dionysus, the god of the vine, grape harvest, wine making, ritual madness, religious ecstasy, and theater). This gemstone is also believed to give the wearer clarity of mind and a quick wit. Amethyst has also been associated with a number of myths, legends, and religions for many years in various culture.

The physical aesthetic of the amethyst is also extremely captivating. This stone is highly popular due to its rich and elegant color. The primary hues of the amethyst occurs from a light, pinkish violet to a deep purple which looks tremendously sophisticated to anyone’s eyes. However, it is not only the stone’s color which made it highly popular. The amethyst is also widely available in a variety of shapes and sizes. This factor allowed the market to make the stone’s value affordable to the masses.

The color of the amethyst complements both warm and cool colors. This unique quality allows this precious gem to enhance almost all of the colors that are available in anyone’s closet! This gemstone is perfect for jewelry items which are made with either white or yellow metals. This means that the amethyst gem would make an incredible set of both silver and gold jewelry. You would absolutely look fabulous with this kind of sophisticated jewelry setting. Wearing a set of amethyst silver or gold jewelry will absolutely give a wholesome yet classy look. This is perfect to both young and adults who want to keep their style stunning, fresh, and elegant. If you are one of these individuals, go buy yourselves a set of amethyst jewelry now!