Month Gemstones: January’s Gem Facts and Designs

Posted on January 24, 2017, 1:30 pm
4 mins

Gemstones are one of the most adored material because of its contribution in a jewelry’s aesthetics. They make any kind of jewelry material look glamorous, brilliant, and classy. Whether it’s silver, gold, stainless steel, etc., gemstones have always been a jewelry’s perfect partner. However, its use for enhancing a jewelry’s aesthetics is not the only reason as to why these precious gems have been significant to a lot of people. For every month of the year, there are about one, two, or even three gemstones assigned. Because of this, every month gemstones are looked forward to. Furthermore, there are various symbolism and power which are attached to these precious stones.


The characteristics that these precious stones have which are mentioned above are few of the reasons why we consider these gemstones as valuable. Not to mention the sophistication that they give each time they are used as designs on jewelry items. Since the present month of this new year is also the first month to ever start, let us talk about the gemstone which represents January – the facts and symbolism behind its representation, and the jewelry item designs of this precious gem.



The feature of this month gemstones section of this article presents the gem which embodies January. This precious gem is the Garnet. Garnet is said to be the perfect gem to represent the month of January. This gemstone is commonly recognized with its red color, however, it actually available in various rainbows colors. You can appreciate Garnet with its deep red Bohemian colors, to the vibrant greens of the Russian Demantoid and African Tsavorite. You can also appreciate its beauty with the orange and brown colors of Spessartite and Hessonite from Namibia and Sri Lanka, and the stone’s subtle pink and purple colors of Rhododendron.


The precious stone Garnet is valued because of its antiquity. Many ancient people believed that wearing this gem protects the person from nightmares and lights up the wearer’s night. It has also long been carried by travelers in order to protect them from against accidents when they are far from home. Garnet may have been given as a representation of the month of January, however, the stunning variation of its colors and its believed mystical powers are considered to be a gift in any occasion throughout centuries. With regards to the symbolism of this gemstone, it is believed to be a symbol of peace, prosperity, and good health. There are also other people who believe that anyone who wears this gem is given eternal happiness, health, and wealth.


Jewelry items designed with Garnet look incredibly stunning. As mentioned before, one of the factors why this gem is valuable is because of its antiquity. There are jewelry designs which are styled as vintage paired with Garnet and it looks incredibly classy. The red color of this gemstone gives an eye-catching effect Furthermore, the jewelry designs of this gemstone will really stand out. You can wear them both wearing a causal and formal outfit. These jewelry items designed with this precious gemstone would absolutely become the highlight of your overall style.