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Posted on December 14, 2016, 6:58 am
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Mood rings are another variation of the ring jewelry. Rings are known to be a very sentimental and romantic jewelry item. They can be of different variations depending on the purpose of an individual in purchasing a ring. There are always significant meanings behind it. You may be purchasing a ring because you desire on proposing to your special someone; or your group of friends would like to have a friendship band; or maybe your high school or college batch mates would like to have a class ring; and many other possible reasons. Similar with class rings, engagement rings, and friendship rings, mood rings also come with a significant purpose. This could be a reason as to why a lot of individuals are looking up various mood rings for sale.


Before discussing on where you can find mood rings for sale, let us first get to know the purpose of mood rings. Mood rings are rings which contain thermochromic elements. These thermochromic elements can be classified as a liquid crystal which changes colors depending on the temperature of the wearer’s finger. In creating today’s modern mood ring jewelry, the liquid crystals are usually made from a flat strip of the crystal itself with a protective coating. These liquid crystals react to changed temperatures when twisted. Through twisting the ring, the liquid crystals change their molecular structure. This results to an alteration of the wavelengths of light and/or color which had been absorbed or reflected.


The different colors of the mood rings have various meanings. These colors could shift from pink to black depending on your body movement, temperature, and emotion. Mood rings are designed with either gold or sterling silver metal. However, it has been mostly associated with sterling silver jewelry. Sterling silver jewelry seems to complement well with the various color shifting of the mood ring’s liquid crystal. As we all know, the silver metal is very versatile. This could be the reason as to why it is best used when it comes to this type of ring jewelry.


A lot of people actually enjoy owning mood rings. They find it cool and impressive. The function and the aesthetics of this ring alone extremely fascinates a lot of individuals. Because of this fascination, many people are eager to try wearing one of these! Furthermore, the designs of these mood rings vary from classic to trendy. You can absolutely purchase a mood ring which design fits your style preference.


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