Necklace Jewelry Style Variations for the Ladies

Posted on February 22, 2017, 9:38 am
5 mins

Necklace jewelry is a fashion accessory that gives off a statement. Hence, the term statement necklaces have risen. Just like any other fashion items, necklaces have style variations to choose from. These different styles would absolutely enhance your outfit. As long as you are able to choose the perfect necklace style for you. Aside from that, necklace jewelry helps accentuate your neckline. Whether it is made of silver jewelry or gold, this accessory will make you look stunning. However, most of you ladies might get confused on what necklace style to wear.

Here are some tips on various necklace styles that you could choose from. Look for the one which is guaranteed to flatter your overall outfit and make heads turn.

Bib Necklace

A bib necklace is an example of statement necklaces. It is a necklace style with a broad front section made of layers beads, gems, and/or bobbles. Bib necklaces should sit higher on your neck, closer to your collarbone, and covers some part of your chest. This kind of necklace style is able to incorporate various materials together. This results to a multi-layered, eye-catching piece of jewelry.

So, how do you wear a bib necklace? If you are afraid to try this statement necklace because you think you cannot pull this off, think again. You can start by simply wearing a t-shirt and tucking it under. As the time passes, you will eventually feel comfortable and confident wearing a bib necklace. When you have reached this point, you will easily be able to mix and match this jewelry to your outfit!

Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces have recently been popular in the world of modern fashion. It has been in the field for centuries now but this style comes and goes. For those who do not know, a choker necklace is an accessory worn around the neck. It could be made of various materials including velvet, sequins, or precious metals. However, chokers made out of silver or gold will totally give you both a classy and sexy look. Chokers are easy to wear. You can pair it with any outfit you have in your closet. This would absolutely provide a lavish touch to your overall appearance.

The best way to pull off a choker necklace is to wear it with a strapless top or dress. This way, you are able to flaunt our collarbones and some parts of your chest. This would make you look sexy and sophisticated at the same time.

Multi-layered Necklace Chains

Another unique but stylish necklace jewelry is the multi-layered chain necklace. There have been a fuss about the different types of necklace chains and how to style them. This multi-layered necklace chain will give you a chance to appreciate these necklace chains even more! Basically, they are made out of overlapping chains that reach towards your belly button. Wearing this necklace style will definitely give you a stunning effect in your collars.

Pulling this jewelry off is real simple. It goes with any outfit you have in your closet – even the simple ones! All you have to make sure is to choose the perfect layered chains for your taste. These necklace could glam up a plain, and dull outfit.

Tassel Necklace

Tassel necklaces are said to be the hottest trend of today’s fashion! This is probably due to the increased popularity of the bohemian style. Many fashion enthusiasts are now obsessing with tassel necklaces. There are even do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorials on how to make your own. A tassel necklace is made out of various materials such as beads, leather, thread, etc. Its pendant is literally a tassel – from which its name was taken.

Tassel necklaces are perfect to wear this summer! You can also pull this off with a bohemian look. You can pair this accessory up with patterned tops in order to add dimensions to the accessory. This is probably the best way to experiment with different fashion accessories!