New Year’s Eve New Collection Earrings

Posted on March 31, 2010, 5:39 am
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Thinking of a new pair of earrings for this new year’s eve. We have a new fashion earring and bracelet at our online retail store at has a 925 sterling silver best selections of jewelry for the upcoming year.

The bracelets in 925 silver natural shell bracelet in white with the size of 7.5 inches and wide 17mm and weighs 17mm.

We have a 925 sterling silver earring in Turquoise as a Hook Earring and the pairs are reconstructed Turquoise. A black Onyx hook earrings and coral hook earrings for the latest collection.

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Stud Earring is a new collection but it is in a limited edition. It weighs 0.90 grams with the Length and width of 5mm x 6mm.

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry 18k gold plate Stud Earring is a metal of 18k and weighs 2.30 grams with the length and width of 10mm x 6mm. has a stock of the the best quality. The only online reliable source with customer satisfaction.

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