Nose Jewelry Variations for Different Nose Piercings

Posted on November 29, 2016, 10:13 am
6 mins

Nose piercing is now back into becoming a popular trend in fashion and style. It had been part of fashion history because of its affiliation to other cultures. Other people have found it aesthetically good which lead to its popularity. Since then, nose jewelry became a famous jewelry item in the market. Various jewelry designs of nose rings have been created which serve all types of style preference. Many people might wonder what exactly is the perfect nose jewelry to wear when having your nose pierced. There are actually a variety of nose piercing depending on which of the nose area you wanted it done. The nose ring jewelry to be used will then vary based on the part of your nose you had pierced.

These are the different kinds of nose piercings and the appropriate jewelry that you should wear.

Bridge Piercing

This style of nose piercing is otherwise classified as surface piercing. Bridge piercing does not involve any puncture in the cartilage or bone area of the nose. This makes bridge piercing a lot more capable to the process of migration. This process involves the body pushing a piercing closer to the skin surface which allows it to heal sooner than the others. If this event happens, you have to ask the person who pierced you to remove the jewelry and allow the hole to close.

The jewelry that is suitable for you to wear if you wanted to have your nose pierced in the bridge area are a circular or curved barbel nose ring.

High Nostril Piercing

The high nostril piercing is a variation of nostril piercing. High nostril piercing is literally a nose piercing on the higher region of your nostrils. This nose piercing is a unique one. In fact, you can combine or make a layer of nose piercings for grander effect. However, the location of this nose piercing is limited to the jewelry that you are able to insert in its hole.

The nose ring jewelry pieces that you can wear for high nostril piercing are stud nose rings, L-shaped nose rings, and/or a nostril screw jewelry.

Nasallang Piercing

The nasallang piercing is one of the most complicated and intense nose piercing. From the looks of it outside, you might say it is pretty simple. However, nasallang piercing is a tri-nasal piercing. This piercing penetrates low on both nostrils and the septum. The piercing can be done all at once with one needle. This is similar to the industrial piercing done in ear piercings.

The only nose ring jewelry that you are able to wear for nasallang piercing is the straight barbel nose ring.

Nostril Piercing

nostril-piercing-nose-jewelryThe nostril piercing is the most common nose piercing among all the other variations. The piercing is located just above the crease of the nostril which curves away from your cheeks. However, the location varies from a person depending on the nose structure and the aesthetics that the person would like to achieve.

Since nostril piercing is the simplest to do, there are a variety of potential nose ring jewelry items that you could wear. Such jewelry items are stud nose rings, nostril screw, L-shaped nose ring, hoop nose rings, circular barbel, and captive bead nose rings.

Septril Piercing


The septril piercing is a combination of the septum and nostril. This nose piercing is delicate on the outside. The inside of this piercing takes years of total dedication to achieve. The septum of the nose is gauged and this process takes an intensive amount of time to practice. The process will also hurt a lot depending on the position and structure of your septal cartilage.

The nose ring jewelry items that you could wear are stud nose rings, a curved barbel nose ring, and/or an eyelet.

Septum Piercing

The septum piercing is currently becoming a trend, thanks to people like Cara Delevingne. This nose piercing is very versatile. It can be gauged or flipped out of view. Although septum piercings are as common as nostril piercings, it is not easy to achieve. The person who would do the piercing should be able to have the correct knowledge about the septum in order to maneuver the piercing perfectly.

The nose ring jewelry items that you can use for septum piercing are circular barbel nose rings, and/or captive bead nose rings.

Vertical Tip Piercing

The vertical tip piercing is a one of a kind nose piercing. It runs vertically from just above the tip of of the nose to under the tip of the nose. It looks very striking on a person. The vertical tip piercing is not as common as the other but its aesthetics is just as good.

The nose ring jewelry that you could wear for this type of nose piercing is curved barbel nose ring.