November Special : Children’s jewelry

Posted on March 31, 2010, 4:11 am
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Children's is the online shopping store with a huge selection with a wide selection of silver jewelry for boys and girls. We have a variety of styles and lovely children’s jewelry as a gift idea and as a jewelry gift.

Child Jewelry, Children Bracelets including Baby Bangle Bracelet for the best prices, guaranteed!

Discover the greatest and an extensive collection of the children’s jeweleries and accessories for the young ones.

We have a special silver set jewelry for girl’s and a silver art pendant for boys.
The boy’s new arrival art pendant is a 925 silver butterfly curved pendant. This pendant symbolizes a hope and eternity through the world. Our 925 sterling silver is made with a rich 18 karat yellow gold overlay.

We take pride on our hand crafted featured open filigree work. The pendant has a 22m width, 30mm long and 2.10 grams weight.

The best selling 925 silver Earring and Pendent Set Jewelry weight 5.2 grams. They have an elegant look with the CZ stones.

Earrings Dimensions :Width: 15mm Length: 15mm and Pendant Approximate Dimensions: Width:15 mm Length:15 mm

Therefore, you can brown our huge selections of items and find exactly what you want in beautiful and variety style.

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