Shop with Jewelry for $15

Posted on April 11, 2011, 4:12 pm
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Who said you can’t look attractive?, jewelry store brings you the jewelry collection where you can shop for $15 and look good! Each design varies from one another.
 925 Sterling Silver Natural Emerald With Marcasite Earring

We offer massive assortment of Marcasite earrings It
is easy to buy your favored pair of earrings by sitting at property and
spending out on the internet but we can give the best price.

925 Sterling Silver Black and White CZ  Ring New

You just don’t only fall in love with them but get addicted to the new selective of the upcoming trends and season.

Black rhodium plated with 925 sterling silver with the metal stamp of 925 sterling silver. Add a splash of color to your outfit with these shimmering ear stud, featuring in the harmonious jewelry set.
Swarovski Preciosa Crystal Rabbit Head Silver Set

Known what this piece is? Drop by to our booth to capture this beautiful
crystal jewelry. Why? This jewelry is a lucky charm and also known as
an auspicious jewelry. ou are getting excellent quality crystals and ultra trendy designs from
the classic ones below to the trendy. Get that seductively red crystal
jewelry for that special person in
your life or for yourself. So you can pretty much find a style to suit
everyone’s taste.