Silver Beads Bracelet

Posted on September 22, 2010, 4:13 pm
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Everyone’s favourite ‘ Bead Jewelry ‘. Our large selection of bead jewelry is in precious stones
also. The bead necklace is of 925 sterling silver brooch with natural pearl. The Silver Beads Bracelet is of amethyst and agate. Our silver bead design allows you to develop your own unique.

925 Sterling Silver Beads  Bracelet

Created in Thailand. Threaded onto their famous charm bracelets, a casual look by using just sterling silver beads and crafted in pure 925 sterling silver.

Our most authentic collection is 925 Sterling Silver Murano Glass Charm Beads Bracelet in different colors and some in a gem of crystal beads,  Murano Glass Charm Beads, pearl, jade and plain beads

The finest bead bracelet is a Fresh Water Pearl Bangle in the size of 10mm Width,65mm Diameter and weighs 16.80 grams.

Natural Amethyst 8mm Beads Bangle











The upcoming trend is a Natural Amethyst 8mm Beads Bangle weighing 17.60g.


925 Sterling Silver Crystal Beads Bracelet

The evergreen piece is a 925 Sterling Silver Crystal Beads Bracelet in violet crystal size 9mm and 8 inch and weight 43 grams.Beaded jewelry is very unique and  our designs are one-of-a-kind where you will never find in any other online store!