10 Silver Bracelets For Women To Attract Others

Posted on September 08, 2016, 5:25 am
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The main piece of jewelry that every woman adores wearing is a bracelet. Bracelets for women come in distinct styles and models to allure them instantly. For example, charm bracelets were a great hit some years before. These kinds of charm bracelet have had a great return along with new style of bracelets with beaded charm that are more popular right moment. Recently, silver bracelets for women have also been a foremost choice of priority among all other pieces of jewelry by a major part of women.


Special features of silver bracelets for women

  • Silver is considered as the cheaper gold for people of today’s generation. Young women across the world cannot get enough of this alluring metal. This hot trend does not seems to be fade off in the future as well.
  • The good news about silver bracelet is that there is something available for people of different taste. Few styles are extremely perfect for minimalist women who don’t want to wear more jewelry, while other styles are a suitable fit for those women who love accessorize themselves.


  • The other special feature about silver bracelets for women is that it is not matter what style of silver bracelet that a woman chooses to wear, it will definitely be a sexy addition on her overall look.


Link and charm silver bracelets

Silver link bracelets are composed of linked silver pieces. The links of the chain along with the clean silver finish make the bracelet a suitable piece of adornment for women. This kind of link and charm silver bracelet is connected together with stones or other precious gems to offer them more attraction. If you wish for a cleaner look, then you can opt for plain silver chain link bracelet that can form a perfect choice.


The right silver charm bracelet makes a perfect accessory for any sort of ensemble. The addition of multiple numbers of charms makes every bracelet more sentimental and personal. You can check online for a wide range of silver bracelets for women that are already included with charms.


Special types of silver bracelets for women

If you are fond of buying that perfect piece of silver bracelet, then you are left with myriad options to choose from. The conventional style bracelet attaches together by a long array of open chains. This enables the wearer to include additional charms by connecting them to bracelet using a clasp. The silver bracelet in European style features metal, flat plates that securely fit together, while the Italian style renders an array of links that are hooked together over a stretched style band.


  • Traditional style silver bracelet

An open link silver bracelet is one among the very common types of bracelets that are available in the market now. People are well aware of the open link bracelets; however they know them as conventional style bracelets. These kinds of silver charm bracelets are prominent due to their impressive charms. The charms in traditional style silver bracelet tend to secure onto bracelet in dangling fashion. Moreover, the charms for this kind of bracelet connect to one link that facilitates flexibility and ease of movement within the bracelet.


  • Italian style charm bracelet

The Italian style silver bracelets for women has certain number of blank links that enables personalization by including flat modular charms in the bracelet. The charms can be assembled in several distinct styles that can be grouped together to make a theme like family association or just as a hobby. The Italian charms are interchangeable easily to meet the mood or outfit of the wearer.


  • European style silver bracelet

With European design, the silver bracelets for women seem to have a smooth and cord-like appeal that offers wearers with a braided rope look. The solid link bracelets are generally smaller in diameter, developing a simple but serene look for wearer of any age. For those wearers who enjoy picking a secure, solid fit, a solid silver bracelet would truly be beneficial. While it comes to personalization, the European style bracelet enables wearers to include brightly colored beads that perfectly fit the rope style design, enabling a solid and smooth appearance.


Popular silver bracelet styles for women

  • Beautiful sterling silver plated solid and round bangle bracelet jewelry

This is a spectacular solid silver plated bangle bracelet designed shinier and smooth to suit any outfit. This bangle type bracelet can be a perfect option for those who like wearing bangle. Moreover, silver bracelets for women are capable of matching well with any kind of outfit that you prefer wearing.


  • Hand crafted silver cuff bracelet with peridot

Peridot shines with mystical force from a silver bracelet. Considered as one of the unique gifts from nature, peridot sparkles amidst the sterling silver coral, which crowns this fantabulous artisan-designed cuff.


  • Sterling silver chain bracelet

This sterling silver chain bracelet is designed by hand while featuring ornate pendant at the middle part of sterling silver braids. If you want to adorn your hand with a solid piece of silver chain jewelry that can reflect your sense of style, then you should consider buying this exotic silver bracelet that will better meet your expectations.


  • Unique floral cuff sterling silver bracelet

A regal bloom glows in the florid court that can adorn this splendid piece of silver jewelry. The best feature of this silver jewelry is that it is handmade and you can rest assure of the unique style that it will reflect on you.


  • Handmade cultured and apatite pearl link silver bracelet

The dainty links that feature beads of all natural lustrous white and blue apatite pearls alternate in this glowing bracelet designed using sterling silver. This exquisite piece of silver bracelet looks perfect for any type of outfit. Especially, the pearl beads linked in a silver chain is definite to add up a complete new look.