Top 5 Exotic Addition of Silver Cuffs Bracelet

Posted on September 10, 2016, 5:33 am
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Elegant and beautiful itself, the silver cuffs have the power to make a woman’s look from mundane to downright incredible. The cuff bracelet looks versatile that you wear during any time of the day. You can pick from myriad of designs out there in the online stores that sell pure silver cuffs. The cuff bracelet, while being gorgeous by itself, is designed featuring an additional gold accent, precious gems, rhinestones and the like. Silver cuff is an exquisite piece of jewelry that makes you feel beautiful literally by just wearing it.

silver cuffs

Stylish features of silver cuff

  • One special perk of cuff style bracelet over other pieces of jewelry is that you can wear it easily. It is a no-hassle kind of jewelry since it does not have anything like clasps for locking the ends together.
  • The silver cuffs form a piece of jewelry that can also be worn by men.

silver cuffs

  • Cuff bracelets are surely not the normal type of bracelet. But, though that may be the fact, these sorts of bracelets are not costlier. You will even surprise by knowing that the design on which you set your eyes on perfectly fits your budget.
  • Cuff bracelets are found in thicker shapes, which can be used to create a fashion quotient and feel trendy with any contemporary outfit. They can truly make your wrist a special draw over anything else.

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Design Discussion of silver cuffs

Designed normally in single size with the major intention of being able to worn around the wrist, it has distinguishing feature from other traditional bracelets with the absence of clasp. All that you would want is simply placing them around the wrist and the shape of the cuff will make sure keeping the bracelet in its place without falling off.

silver cuffs

Apart from the width of the cuff, there are also other things to focus on as far as the design is considered that could be quite elaborate and intricate in their layout. The silver cuff bracelets normally appear like carving in silver metal although some are available in simple design patterns that are very common on bracelets narrow in its width.

silver cuffs

No matter the type of silver cuff you like to have, you can stay assured of sound investment you can make with your own personal style that you can wear many years. Furthermore, silver cuffs also make a nice addition to almost all kind of wardrobe while its considerable price guarantees you can obtain many of them to suit with distinct looks.

silver cuffs

Types of silver cuff bracelets

The silver cuff bracelets are available in different styles. You can choose the perfect one that suits your needs and personality. Few popular styles include high polish cuff bracelets, patterned cuff bracelets and window cuff bracelet, beaded cuff bracelet, etc.

silver cuffs

  • Starry night hinge cuff

The glowing pave-set crystals better accentuate a hinge cuff that is integrated with the sensually curved lines and accurately sharp points in stackable and versatile style. You can also reveal a fashion statement by wearing this idea piece of hinge cuff that will make heads turn on you. Featuring silver hematite glass/plate, this really forms an ideal pick whenever you want to flaunt yourself with elegant jewelry.

silver cuffs

  • Elephant jungle sterling silver cuff bracelet

This silver cuff bracelet portrays the proud and daring Thai elephants of tropical rain forest. This exotic piece of cuff bracelet exemplifies the conventional artistry of hill tribal silversmiths of Thailand.

silver cuffs

  • Fair trade sterling silver cuff bracelet

This extraordinarily designed cuff bracelet has a spectacular design that will reflect your personality and fashion sense while wearing. It has a polished surface that will complement rich textures of traditional cuff designs. You can wear it to suit any type of outfit you wear for any kind of occasion.


  • Tribal moon cuff bracelet

The hammered textures in this sterling silver convex cuff excellently evoke moonlight. By means of its awesome symmetry, this contemporary bracelet can adorn the appeal of the wearer instantly and will her the point of attraction wherever she heads to. The special feature of this silver cuff is that the design of hill tribe motifs is instilled on the borders to represent the unique style among other styles of silver cuffs.

silver cuffs

  • Narrow river silver cuff bracelet

The waves of silver remind the hypnotic energy of flowing river in this alluring piece of silver cuff. This cuff bracelet is completed in a sterling silver that features oxidized and dark background.


  • Floral silver cuff bracelet

Featured by frangipani blossoms, this cuff bracelet is the result of ideal make. Adorned by an ornate sterling silver cuff, this exquisite piece shines like mystical dewdrops. Black, blue and peacock pearls add up to their own iridescent attraction.


  • Artisan jewelry silver cuff bracelet

Carefully braiding sterling strands, this ideal piece of silver cuff develops an opulent bracelet with legendary styling. The polished silver beads remarkably complement the handmade cuff and accentuate every end.

silver cuffs

  • Amethyst cuff bracelet

The broad leaves design of this bracelet touches an elegant moon goddess that slumbers in an argent hold. On both the sides, the faceted amethysts add up to 4.5 carats in this beautiful bracelet.

  • Sterling silver cuff bracelet with amethysts and hearts

Amethysts adorn the heart totems that are engraved on this incredible cuff bracelet. This stunning sterling silver bracelet is designed with classic Balinese patterns as well as gemstone that further spruce up the charm of this bracelet. There is also an ornate hinge at the middle part allowing wearing the cuff on and removing it off.


  • Sterling silver hinged cuff bracelet featuring pearls

The silvery white pearls featured in this hinged cuff bracelet forms the extraordinary part to this piece. Featuring ornate hinge, this sterling silver cuff bracelet is designed using detailed artistry to offers it an ideal feel.