Silver Jewelry – Beauty Meets Elegance

Posted on May 06, 2011, 3:43 pm
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Silver Jewelry – Beauty Meets Elegance
Swarovski Preciosa Crystal Leaf Pendant

Accessories no doubt accentuate your beauty but when we think of buying ornaments one has to suppress our wishes as gold, platinum are very expensive and can make a big hole in your pocket. Ornaments are one of the most in demand accessory both for men and women. Here comes the situation when you should be creative in achieving your goal. Silver has been a part of our jewelry history for decades. Creative innovation has made this piece of metal look attractive and a definite saving without having to contribute a substantial part of your income in the same.

925 Sterling Silver Fish Plain Ring

Face is a mirror of your inner self. It is your face which gives the first appearance to a person. Hence one loves to accessorize it in the most elegant and classy way. What could be a better option than a Silver Earring? Add a wow factor to your appearance by lighting up your lobes  with shiny and exquisite earrings made of silver. Some of the different varieties of silver earrings are stud, hoop, simple silver loops, jewel encrusted dangles etc. One handmade intricate designer ware silver earring can make you look and feel a million dollars.

Another breathtaking silver jewelry is the Silver Necklace. They are a show stopper because of the detail work and sophistication it delivers. The color of silver goes along with any attire and when you couple it with unique gems and pearls you get an awe inspiring piece of art around your neck. Necklaces made of silver can be worn for every day conference to parties and boardrooms.

Silver Bangles are now a day’s a big hit among women and kids. You can own simple silver bangles which are both trendy and alluring for your office and handcrafted stone studded for evening parties. You can also gift small silver bangles to your kids also. Silver Bracelet is another accessory which can be worn by men, women and kids. They come in different form some stone studded while some with pearl, beads and gems. They can be worn in any occasion and goes well with your dress. You just need to couple it with the right attire.

Silver Ring has become a trendsetter in itself. They come in a wide range of designs which suits the taste of both men and women. You can engrave your name or your loved one’s name in it. This kind of ring is a hit among youngsters. Precious stone and pearl studded rings are also available in the market. Men’s rings come in different forms which match their style.

If you are planning to gift something exquisite and special to your lady love a Silver Set will be a great option. Silver Set consists of a chain with pendant coupled with a matching earring. Heart
shaped pendants will make the occasion more romantic and passionate. With the advancement of technology you can order silver ornaments from your home with the help of a computer and an internet connection. Custom made silver jewelry can also be ordered online. Silver Jewelry is a must in your jewel box as they not only add sophistication but also boosts up your confidence level.