Sterling Silver Jewelry Style Trends on 2016

Posted on December 30, 2016, 11:54 am
4 mins

Fashion accessories are items which will always be a part of our outfit of the day. These fashion accessories are often made from precious metals and stones which we otherwise call as jewelry. Silver, gold, copper, and steel are few of the different metals which make up these items. Among these metals, sterling silver has been the most adored jewelry material. Sterling silver jewelry has made its way to the top because of its brilliance and unique aesthetics. The best thing about sterling silver is it offers great quality of beauty and designs. Furthermore, the jewelry items made from this metal is sold at a reasonable amount of price.


Another good characteristic of sterling silver is its versatility. This metal can absolutely be designed and/or combined with any kind of intricate material. Some of the materials used to enhance the aesthetics of sterling silver jewelry are marcasite, enamel, beads, and of course gemstones. Moreover, the produced jewelry items of sterling silver can be paired with any of your other accessories. Sterling silver jewelry also fits with various outfits and can be worn for different events. Anyone would absolutely look glamorous and classy when wearing any of sterling silver jewelry items.

Because of the good qualities that sterling silver has, it is no doubt that its jewelry items have become one of the most trending fads of 2016. Since the year is about to end, let us throwback on the different style trends of sterling silver items on 2016.

Silver Hoop Nose Ring

Nose piercings have been on and off the fashion era. However, it has made its way back to fashion this year with the help of famous celebrities. Because of this, silver hoop nose rings have been one of 2016’s jewelry trend! This nose ring is the most commonly used for nose piercing. Although there are other variations of nose jewelry, a hoop nose ring is the easiest and probably the first nose ring jewelry that comes in a person’s mind when thinking of piercing his/her nose.

Silver Cuff Bracelets

Bracelet are, of course, one of the fashion essentials. You might not probably know but there are various types of bracelets depending on your choice of style. This year, silver cuff bracelets have become a trend in fashion wear! Cuff bracelets can be seen in most themed events such as bohemian, coachella, and others. These jewelry items are also seen in fashion shows.

Silver Hoop Earrings

Hoop styled jewelry items are probably the most popular this year because even hoop-designed earrings have been this year’s trend! Silver hoop earrings have indeed become one of the most favorite earring jewelry. The beauty of hoop earrings actually varies depending on its size. Also, beads and other materials can be decorated with silver hoop earrings to further give a different touch to the jewelry’s aesthetics.

Silver Cuff Earrings

Silver cuff earrings have also become a style trend this 2016. The design varies depending on your style choice. Some of the designs might require a number of pierced parts in your ear. However, there are also cuff earrings designed with a clip-on. This helps the earring jewelry to stick into your ear/s with or without piercing your ears.

Silver Bangle Bracelets

Stacking up bracelets or even necklaces have become a fashion trend. When it comes to arm accessories, silver bangle bracelets are one of the most adored fashion jewelry. Similar with cuff bracelets, bangles can be seen with themed events such as a bohemian or beach-themed party. Bangles are also a favorite among most teenagers as it gives a different fashion vibe.