Sterling Silver Nose Studs Designs Available in Web Stores

Posted on March 13, 2017, 8:21 am
4 mins

Nose jewelry has become popular nowadays since nose piercings have been on trend. This happened due to a few famous celebrities and models who are seen wearing them. For those who are not familiar with nose jewelry, they are otherwise known as nose rings. Also, there are various types of nose jewelry available for different kinds of nose piercings. Nose studs are among its most famous, and the simplest variation. Other popular nose jewelry variations are hoop nose rings, captive bead ring, and curved barbel. However, nose studs, or sterling silver nose studs in particular, are what most people are looking for today.

A nose stud is a small piece of nose jewelry that is connected to a short, thin piece of metal. Nose studs when worn passes through the side of your nose where you have pierced it. Its design is much simpler than other nose jewelry. Furthermore, it is used on parts of your nose that heal faster when pierced compared to other parts. These factors are probably reasons behind its popularity as a nose jewelry. Not to mention that studs are also used to design a kind earring. Perhaps, its non-complicated procedure of putting it on, and the fact that it comes with a variety of designs made it well-received to the masses.

As mentioned before, sterling silver nose studs are famously used and looked for by most people. Perhaps the reason behind this is the rare qualities that sterling silver material attributes. Sterling silver complements to any kinds of material that could be used to design a certain jewelry item. Moreover, it is known that sterling silver jewelry items are made of great quality silver and are sold in a reasonable amount of price. These factors are such an advantage especially for those individuals who plans to pierce their nose for the very first time.

The designs of sterling silver nose studs vary from your desired color, shape, or even objects. It actually depends on your preference. There are nose studs that are designed with simple flat round or ball shapes, but, there are also those which are designed with flowers, turtles, stars, etc. Of course, the part of the jewelry that are created with designs is the tip of the nose stud that can be seen lying on your nose outside. If you feel to put a fancier touch, you can even wear a nose stud with your favorite gemstone.

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