Adorn Your Jewel Collection with Fabulous Piece of Sterling Silver Pearl Rings

Posted on August 15, 2016, 8:55 am
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While there is a more talk about the exquisiteness of pearls and the type of charm they offer, many people have now understand the importance of having pearl rings. This indicates that pearls have never moved out of style and they are always a traditional and classy wardrobe accessory that won’t disappoint you under any condition. Right now, sterling silver pearl rings are a front and center style statement. Pearls have always been a proper piece of jewelry that is seeped and classic in tradition. Pearls also have had stunning make over. The pearl rings have also been transformed into a fashionable and fun accessory.

Sterling Silver Pearl Ring

The sterling silver pearl rings obtain the green flag. From simple settings to huge solitaire pearls, they all are the rave. A silver pearl ring can go from simple and romantic to stunning and sleek. Pearls combine with silver is the new trend now. Especially, since pearls are available in several hues, they better complement silver

Sterling Silver Pearl Ring

Hence, if you are out in the market for buying sterling silver pearl rings, you should consider certain features of pearl into mind and make your purchase decision accordingly.

  • The radiance or glow of a pearl is the most essential quality. You should avoid buying pearl rings that are dull or chalky since they may peal or crack and will be weak in no time.
  • The surface of the pearl in your ring must be free of blemish. There should not be any spots of cracks or bumps. Examine the ring under bright lights. The baroque pearls are especially exception to this reality, so their charm lies in their irregularities.

Sterling Silver Pearl Ring

  • Pearls can be measured in millimeters. The bigger the pearl, the more the cost. A pearl that measures 6 mm is going to be lesser than the one measuring 12mm.
  • The least expensive pearls are freshwaters that come from China. They are available in all colors, sizes and shapes.
  • The best way of caring for your pearls is just wearing them. Find a ring with quality pearls as they are likely to last for longer time. Not most of us will be in the market for getting real pearls and you are lucky that you can find plenty of options. Swarovski makes a stunning piece of crystal that is of the greatest quality and pretty difficult to tell from a real pearl for a fraction of cost and available in a range of colors.

Sterling Silver Pearl Ring

Guide to buy pearl ring

Pearls are more versatile. Pearl jewelry is considered equally appropriate with even jeans or any kind of evening dress in a formal outfit. As pearls are the unique creation, every piece of piece jewelry, especially pearl rings, are unique as well. Once you know how to purchase quality pearl rings, you can able to add more rings with gleaming pearls into your collection.

Sterling Silver Pearl Ring

  • Origin- Pearls are regarded as the only gem stone that naturally grows in a living organism. Any mollusk in a shell-snails, clams, oysters-can make a pearls, however pearls mostly grow in oysters. Pearls develop when a small irritant gets caught in the tissue of oysters. Oyster covers the irritant in nacre, which is also known as mother-of-pearl. Hence, the small invader will become the nucleus of pearl. The outer surface of nacre gets accumulating the longer pearls remains in the oyster.

Sterling Silver Pearl Ring

  • Cultured and natural pearls- Mollusks can be found in all the oceans and also in lakes and rivers, but saltwater and freshwater pearls, which are nice enough to be included in the jewelry are very rare that, they been restricted to the wealthy. Most contemporary pearl jewelry, including sterling silver pearl rings makes use of cultured pearls. They are original pearls, just designed with few help form humans. The process starts with nucleus that is instilled in an oyster, rather than waiting or hoping for it to occur naturally. As mollusks just cannot keep up the rising demand for pearls, producing cultured pearls is now a popular industry. Oyster pearls are available naturally, mostly in vintage estate jewelry.

Sterling Silver Pearl Ring

Types of pearls

You can pick from a range of pearls, with every type offering different aesthetic.

  • Akoya- This is the originally cultured pearl that is created in the coastal waters of China and Japan. They measure two to ten mm in diameter, with an average measurement of 6 to 7 mm. The cultured pearls are usually round, hence a cultured pearl necklace is likely crafted out of akoyas.

Sterling Silver Pearl Ring

  • Freshwater- Farmed in rivers and lakes, with most freshwater pearls available in the market originated in China. The size range is from 2 to 13 mm. Freshwater pearls are usually white while harvested, however the jewelry manufacturers dye the pearls in more colors. The black dyed pearls can feature rainbow iridescence, having an ideal feature of freshwater pearls.
  • Mabe- Mabe pearls develop against oyster shell. This is referred as a blister pearl that is hemispherical in shape. Once it is harvested, the nucleus gets replaced by resin and the back portions flat surface is covered up with mother-of-pearl. The mabe pearls possess high luster and less expensive than rounds.

Sterling Silver Pearl Ring

Determining the quality of pearls in silver pearl ring

The jewel industry rates the quality of pearls based on certain factors, which include

  • Size

Pearls are normally measured in terms of millimeters. 25.4 millimeters is equivalent to one inch, hence a 6 mm pearl is just below one quarter inch in its diameter.

  • Color

The natural pearl color in most of the sterling silver pearl rings features different shades of black, gold and white, having creamy shades of white being the very common. The overtones, which are a translucent color, which lies across the main body color of pearl and orient, the iridescent colors in pearl, offer pearls with unique and interesting hues.

Sterling Silver Pearl Ring

  • Shapes

Spherical pearls are highly sought after for sterling silver pearl rings. Pearls, though available in number of shapes, including button, drop, flat and oval, also called as coin. These shapes are considered perfect for pearl rings. The shape of the pearl relies on the oyster, its temperature, its health and chemistry of water and the other related factors.

  • Surface quality

Like diamonds, some pearls are perfect. The blemishes on pearl are spots, scratches or pits. The best quality pearls feature some blemishes.

Sterling Silver Pearl Ring

  • Luster

This represents the way light passes through pearl and gets reflected back the eye. Since pearls are round in shape, the layers remain like mirrors, which make pearls seem to glow within. The grade of luster is depended on the sharpness of images reflected.

  • Matching

This is more significant while considering pearls for sterling silver pearl rings. Consistency in size and color of the pearls develops a more exquisite appearance for jewelry and improves the value.

Sterling Silver Pearl Ring5

Go through some of the ideal sterling silver pearl rings that will instantly catch your attention when you are out in the market for alluring pearl silver ring,

  • Gioelli sterling silver freshwater pearl silver ring

Render grace and elegance to even more casual ensembles with a freshwater and white sapphire ring. A high grade AA white freshwater pearl settles in the middle part of the delicate highly polished silver setting, offering the suitable backdrop for the twenty round-cut prong set made white colored sapphires that flank on either sides.


  • Classy freshwater pearl silver ring

Truly unique and rare, this sparkling sterling silver ring design is featured with freshwater pearl wrapped in the silver wire works. This alluring ring will surely make a suitable accessory to your natural beauty and style.

  • DaVonna sterling silver round pearl ring

Improve your current jewelry collection with this high-end classic diamond/pearl ring. This ring is featured with a perfect round cultured freshwater pearl on a polished sterling silver ring with diamonds.


  • Vintage style bridal moon antique finish freshwater pearl ring

Include your wardrobe with this exotic pearl ring that is featured with a traditional Balinese design. It has delicate swirls along with frangipani flowers; with the exquisite sterling silver setting of the ring excellently complements the soft white pearls, developing a stunning appeal. Whether you are dressed up in office outfit, skirt ensemble and a romantic blouse or a stylish evening gown, this amazing ring offers sophistication to your outfit.

The durable sterling silver setting offers a secure foundation for pearl and the soft metal offers snagged clothing. The high-polish, oxidized finish resists wear, making sure that the ring looks new for more years to come.


  • Sterling silver pearl double Keshi ring

This sterling silver pearl ring offers a suitable finishing touch to your attire, forming a stylish way to show off your appearance. This glossy sterling silver ring is featured with a classy pearl form.

  • Kabella sterling silver pearl ring

This is a white button freshwater pearl silver ring that is centered on this fashionable ring. This jewelry piece is designed in a rhodium-plated sterling silver.