Sterling Silver Ring Designs Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Posted on January 31, 2017, 4:06 am
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Holidays are always one of those times of the year which we look forward to. The tradition of gift giving and/or receiving during the holidays is one of the most awaited events during these events. Because of this, the task of looking for a gift which would perfectly suit with the person whom you wanted to give it to is a struggle. Good thing that you can never go wrong with giving that person a jewelry item! Sterling silver jewelry has been one of the most favored kind of jewelry by most people. Whether it be a sterling silver ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings, this kind of jewelry is highly appreciated.


As of today, Valentine’s day is the upcoming holiday that we all look forward by the month of February. This holiday is otherwise known as the feast of Saint Valentine. However, it has been popularly celebrated as the holiday of love and romance. During this holiday, if you have someone special to take on a date with, you might probably brainstorm on the perfect present to give them. Since Valentine’s day is a romantic celebration for most people, it is only just to give your special someone something intimate.


Rings are considered to be the most romantic out of all the different types of jewelry. Sterling silver ring would definitely be the best choice if you opt to buy one. The best thing about buying a sterling silver ring is it is sold with good quality in a reasonable amount of price. Moreover, it goes with any of your other accessories which means that you will not be deprived of wearing your other jewelry materials. Jewelry items made of sterling silver are also versatile which means that it looks good with anyone.

Now, you might be wondering about the perfect sterling silver ring design to give on Valentine’s. To help you choose the best designs, here are some ideas that you might want to check out.

  • Engraved Ringsterling-silver-ring-with-engraved-design
    Rings engraved with names and/or messages are a perfect gift on Valentine’s! You can put both your names into the ring; or you can engrave a message that you wanted your special someone to always remember. This idea is a romantic gesture. Carving your names or your message into the ring could mean that your love is a continuing feeling with no absolute ending. It would serve as a reminder of the promise that you want to keep to your special someone.
  • Rings with Gemstone/ssterling-silver-ring-with-gemstone-design
    Gemstones are intricate materials which have a significant meaning to every individual. These precious stones are special to us not only because of the beauty that it carries, but also, because of its symbolism. You can never go wrong with giving your special someone with this design. You can choose a ring with his/her favorite gemstone. Better yet, you can pick a ring with a gemstone that represents the month of love. Your special someone would absolutely love this idea!
  • Couple Ringssterling-silver-couple-rings
    Couple items are now a trend to most lovers these days. The range of couple items is infinite. Examples are couple shirts, bags, caps, etc. If you are up to these trend, you can absolutely purchase a couple jewelry item! There are couple rings out there that would be perfect for both of you. There are various couple ring designs which would surely suit both of your style preference. This idea is such an adorable gesture to do on Valentine’s day.