Types of Necklace Chains Perfect for Your Style

Posted on February 12, 2017, 9:19 am
4 mins

Necklaces are fashion accessories that are considered as statement jewelry items. They are bought both for fashion purposes and/or sentiments. Most of the time, however, we buy necklaces to further give glamour to our looks. Not everyone may notice but the chains of our necklaces are the ones that actually give off style. Although when you look at necklaces, you at first notice the pendant and/or other designs. This happens without you noticing the aesthetic of the necklace chain. There are actually various types of necklace chains. These different types of necklace chains will distinguish each style of various individuals.

Chains are a strand of interlocking links, discs, rings, or beads. They are usually made of various metals such as silver and gold. The interlocking links of chains can be made by hand. However, most of the modern designs of today are now manufactured with the use of machinery. Necklace chains are very popular among jewelry buyers, but, chains are also used in making bracelets and earrings as well. Throughout time, jewelry manufacturers have created a number of different styles and combinations of necklace chains. These different designs have helped many individuals in fashioning different kinds of looks.

The following are the different types of necklace chains that you have to take a good look at:

Classic Chains

Classic chain is a type of necklace chain which has five (5) different styles. These classic chain styles are the cable chain, rolo chain, marine chain, curb chain, and figaro chain. Classic chains are mostly designed based on different styles of rope used during old times. Classic chains are also those necklaces which are primarily sold and bought in the market. These necklace chain designs are called classic because the styles are standard. Most of its interlocking links are plain, oval or circular shaped, and the sizes of each links can be alternate. Furthermore, these chains are good to go with or without a pendant. They are also the most popular style choice by jewelry buyers among the other two types of necklace chains.

Textural Chains

Textual chains are another type of necklace chain which consist of six (6) different styles. These are the popcorn chain, byzantine chain, bead chain, rope chain, wheat chain, and crisscross chain. These chain styles are named textual apparently because their interlocking links are created with texture. If you try to observe the links of textual chains, you will be able to notice that they are commonly ball shaped, and have twisted, intricate, complex patterns. Just like classic chains, this type of necklace chains can stand with or without a pendant. Those who purchase textual chain designs might actually love accessories which really attract other people’s attention. Moreover, textual chains are those types of necklace chains which would absolutely create an edge to your fashion.

Sleek Chains

Sleek chains are another type of necklace chain which has five (5) different styles. These chain styles are very unique. These are the omega chain, snake chain, Singapore chain, box chain, and herringbone chain. These various chain styles are unlike any other. They are uniquely designed with various shapes, patterns, and shape. Some of these sleek chain designs actually look classy when worn. These type of necklace chains are perfect for those who likes bold style fashion with a touch of class. Similar with the other two types of necklace chains, these sleek chain go with or without pendant designs.