All About the Different Types of Ring

Posted on October 09, 2016, 12:27 pm
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Rings are undeniably one of the most significant jewelry item to mankind. These jewelry items hold a lot of significant meaning, symbolism, and history to people of different generations. We all use them for various interests. Some people use rings for fashion; some purchase two or more and use it as a symbol of friendship to many; most men buy rings to give it to their partner and relay the message of love through it; rings are also a symbol of commitment towards another significant being; other people use it as a time capsule for a certain moment; to others, rings hold history.


No matter what our intentions in buying such jewelry item, the fact that it is the most significant acccessory cannot be denied. Thus, it is only just to feed our minds of the different types of rings in order to appreciate this jewelry even more.

Class Ring

Class rings are one of those type of rings which represents a special connection towards a group. This particular group is, apparently, any of your college or high school classes. It features logos of your batch or any other designs which represent your class in school. There are also different symbols which you could choose depending on your school activities as a representation of your school achievements. Examples of these are a basketball, or a comedy mask if you ever are drawn to theatre arts activities, etc.

Engagement Ring

One of the most known type of ring is the engagement ring. Traditionally, a man gives this to a woman with an intention of offering her a proposal of marriage. It is said that engagement rings are the type of ring which carries a heavier emotional weight. Engagement rings are most commonly designed with diamond stone. However, other colored stones, such as sapphire, are also used depending on the request of the one who is going to purchase.

Masonic Ring

As mentioned above, symbolism is one of the special things that rings could offer. Rings are not only used for romantic commitments, rather, these jewelry items are also used for social affiliations, such as brotherhoods. Another ring type called a masonic ring is used for these purposes. A masonic ring is also called a signet ring. The purpose of masonic rings is to be a representation of a person’s affiliation to a certain group. The Free Masons is an example of a group who use masonic rings. These designs of these rings usually include the Masonic square, compasses, and with or without the letter G at its center.

Promise Ring

Some couples exchange or give a promise ring either to each other or towards his/her significant other in times when both are not yet ready to get married but have promised to get there someday. A promise ring is a type of ring which symbolizes a sign of commitment towards couple, however, not ready to get married, or it can also be used in a non-romantic gesture. For some, it could be a promise of loving someone as long as they live; there are also cases where parents, particularly fathers, give promise rings to their daughters to show how much they love their children. Pearls are usually the gemstone used in molding promise rings; diamonds are also a popular choice to some.

Purity Ring

Purity rings are another type of rings used in situations wherein those who wear this jewelry item vow to not be physically intimate to another person unless he/she is married to him/her. This type of ring is a new trend which had begun during 1990’s. The abstinence from sex and remain virgin until married is the sole purpose of these purity rings. This jewelry item is worn on the third finger of the left hand and are usually engraved with the words “love waits”.

Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are worn in order to symbolize a couple’s commitment towards each other for as long as they live. Wedding rings are worn on the fourth finger of the left hand where ancient people believe has a special vein connected towards the heart. These type of rings are worn during the ritual of marriage, as couples make their vows in front of the Almighty. Various designs are created for wedding rings and it also comes with either gold or silver depending on the choice of the engaged couples.

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