Watch Straps Variations That Everybody Should Learn

Posted on October 21, 2016, 3:48 am
8 mins

Watches are a luxurious and very important jewelry item that everyone has to own. These jewelry item help us to keep track on time especially if we are always busy on work or school. Aside from that, they also give us elegance and class. The design of these watches does not only depend on the shape of the clock, but, also with their straps. Watch straps are the main part of a watch that gives aesthetic. If we are able to recognize these various straps, we would definitely be able to find the perfect one which suits our style.

Here are various watch straps that you need to know about:

Aviator Strap

This kind of watch strap is also called pilot strap. This strap design was popularized during the second world war. It was made to fit over a pilot’s jacket in order for it to not fly off their wrist. The strap is made of leather and has large rivets below the lugs. The rivets do not necessarily have functions but was added for aesthetics. Today, aviator straps are still a favorite strap design especially to men.

Bund Strap

Bund straps are also meant for pilots similar with aviators. However, these straps have a different purpose. Bund straps are made for pilots to protect their wrists in case of fire. These straps are made with an extra padding beneath the back of the watch. Bund straps also have the ability to absorb sweat. If you do not want to directly touch your skin with the watch, bund strap is perfect for you! Just a little warning though. The bulkier side of this watch gives you a warm temperature so this might not be for everyone.

Classic Leather Strap

The leather strap is the most common strap design of watches. It comes with neutral colors such as black, brown, and tan. It gives a very sophisticated look to anyone who wears it. Leather strap also matches with any of your outfits! Whether you choose to wear a simple shirt and jeans, or you are wearing a tux, leather strip watches look real good on you! However, you really need to take good care of this strap because they could get ruined once exposed to water or extreme temperatures.

Contrast Stitching Strap

Contrast stitching is usually seen on a leather watch strap. It is a way of giving watch straps a very simple but sophisticated design. The color of the stitch is a contrast to the color of the watch band. The detail of this strap gives character to the watch which makes it very appealing to the eyes. This watch strap will definitely go with any outfit that you pick from your closet! Its fascinating aesthetic would definitely give your wrist another style edge.

Double Ridge Strap

The double ridge design is a leather strap with a padding under the watch’s band. The design looks very subtle but it gives your wrist another level of character. This usually goes with individuals who opt for a kind of sporty look. This strap design looks really good with square-shaped watches. It also goes with various colors perfect for any outfit you wear. It will definitely catch anybody’s attention once you wear it because of its very intriguing aesthetic.

Link Strap

Link straps are otherwise known as the bracelet strap. The material used for this kind of watch strap are various metals ranging from silver, stainless steel, to gold, and other possible materials. Link strap gives you a fancier and more expensive look compared to the other straps made from leather and/or cloth. This kind of watch strap is best worn during formal occasions, such as parties and fancy dinner. You can also wear this during interviews or when you go to work. Link watch strap places you to another level of sophistication and elegance. It also comes with common strap variations such as oyster link strap, president link strap, jubilee link strap, and engineer link strap.

NATO Strap

NATO straps are a watch strap made from nylon. This kind of strap comes with different designs and colors. It was originally made for the British Army soldiers during the year 1970. The advantages of this watch trap are its durability, resistance to water, and the watch’s price. When this watch strap is worn nowadays, it gives you a simple and preppy look. Its designed with a slip-through band which gives simplicity to the strap. If you prefer for a casual look, the NATO watch strap is perfect for you.

Rally Strap

The rally strap is said to be designed for the car racers. The design of this strap consists of perforations under the lugs. These perforations are said to help decrease the overall weight carried by race car drivers. However, other people argue that the purpose of the existence of these perforations is for ventilation. Whatever the reasons behind this very intriguing designs are, the best thing about this strap is it looks very casual but eye catching at the same time! This is perfect to use during the summer seasons because it allows your wrist to breathe and the band could move better on your wrist.

Tropic Strap

The tropic strap is the very first watch strap made with rubber! In the past, these straps were made as a cheap alternative from expensive metal watch straps. It became very popular in the dive market and are still a favorite to most people in modern times. Tropic straps are easy to recognize with its alluring design and unique texture. It comes with a basket weave pattern, and some perforations on the lugs. The best advantage of the tropic watch strap is its durability, longevity, resistance to water, its very breathable, and it comes with a slim profile.