Wedding Ring Presents for Golden Anniversary

Posted on November 21, 2016, 6:49 am
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A wedding ring is one of the most intimate jewelry item in the world. This pair of rings are a symbol of love and commitment of two individuals. Both of them have chosen to be with each other for the rest of their lives. Since then, these couples celebrate this romantic event each year. Gold wedding ring jewelry is a perfect present to give to your parents or grandparents as they reach fifty wonderful years of marriage. There are a lot of options to the design of the ring that you wanted these couples to have.

Personalized Wedding Rings


You can absolutely give personalized wedding rings to the couple who are celebrating their golden anniversary. One of the things that you could do is to have the rings engraved with their names. You can put a short but sweet message as well. The best thing about personalized wedding band is that you are able to make a decision with regards to the design and aesthetics of the ring. Customizing your own wedding bands would mean that you are allowed to input a lot of uniqueness to their designs. There is also a certain sense of character when you personalize wedding rings.

Wedding Rings with Gemstones


Gemstones are one one of the most precious ornaments that we want in our jewelry. Purchasing a wedding band with the couple’s favorite gemstones is another gift idea. Diamonds have always been the common choice when it comes to rings. However, you can certainly choose other gemstones as well. If the couple is married during the month of September, for example, you can choose sapphire as the ring’s stone since it represents the month of September. The decision all boils down to whatever the couple’s choice would be.

Wedding Rings as Pendants


Couples who celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary have obviously been wearing a wedding band ever since their wedding. If they do not want to replace their rings but would like to purchase another pair for their anniversary, they can always use it as pendants. Although they have their own pair of wedding ring, these newly purchased wedding bands would serve as a symbol of their long lasting marriage and commitment towards each other. It is undeniable that being able to attain fifty years of marriage is considered to be a milestone. These pair of wedding band will absolutely be a significant representation of the couples’ relationship.

Gold Wedding Rings


Wedding anniversaries have traditionally been given symbols through precious metals and/or.The fiftieth year of marriage is symbolized by gold. For this reason, it is only just to give the couple a wedding ring present which is made of gold. There are a lot of gold wedding rings to choose from. You can either purchase it in jewelry shops near you or at stores online. However, it is a good advice to shop online because t would be an easier and more convenient process to look for gold ring designs. The couple could reminisce their their wedding and exchange a new set of vows while giving each other new wedding ring band.