Weekly Special for Sterling Silver Jewelry

Posted on May 04, 2010, 7:30 am
2 mins

Earlier Kamarsilver.com has placed events such as sterling silver sale and a day sale at Kamarsilver.com

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Our weekly special on 925 Sterling Silver Earrings. Our Sterling silver
earrings is very popular item being purchased. Sterling silver jewelry
is usually priced lower than the out metals / materials.

Kamarsilver.com, takes pride in order to be able to offer our customers
a wide range of sterling silver earrings. Whether you’re in search for
classic hoops, delicate dangling or the sizzling ear studs.
Kamarsilver.com has it!

We have more than 500 designs to choose from and we still remain a reliable source for our 925 sterling silver earrings.

The fashionable 925 sterling silver earrings is a 925 sterling silver crystal hoop earring with black crystal stones.

An attractive ear stud in the star shape and in many colors.

If preferred a gemstone, then we have the newest style in Genuine Blue Sapphire, Ruby and Citrine.

The hottest silver earring is a 925 Silver Constructed Stone and
Natural Shell Hook Earring with the size of 7mm W x 45mm L made by a
natural shell and also a reconstructed stone.

The other booming pair is a 925 silver recontructed red coral and
mother of pearl hook earring. The piece is made by a gorgeous Red Coral
and Mother of Pearl with the measurement of 17mm x 34mm [ W X L ] and
with the weight of 7 grams.

Our service provides a comfort and allows a person to figure out what
to purchase. Kamarsilver.com have also organized to work different
shifts, in order to serve you better. Our day shifts serves Asia,
Europe and Americans.