Enamel Earrings

Discover the diverse variety of hi end micro setting earrings crafted with great love and precision to suit your needs. 925 Sterling Silver Enamel Earring and Sterling Silver Micro Setting White CZ Earring are some of the popular items available in this category.

Adorn Your Ears with Our Enamel Earrings

Add a touch of brilliance to your everyday look by simply clipping on a pair of enamel earrings. Crafted of 925 Sterling Silver, each earring is studded with white cubic zirconia crystals in a spectacular micro setting. The rhodium finishing on our enamel earrings complements your feminine persona, without using too many words.

Our range

All our enamel earrings are fun and stylish. They can be easily worn or removed using butterfly post-backs or latch-back clasps. Some are also fashioned with fishhooks for adding to your overall ease of wearing them. Our earrings are perfect accessories to pick, regardless of where you’re going and why you’re going there. 

Why Choose Us?

Kamar Silver is one of the most trustworthy names to look for enamel earrings as well as other body jewelry forms. We’re considered the body jewelry specialist. Here is a list of pointers that will explain for our unique position across the jewelry market:

  1. We’ve jewelry for everyone. At Kamar Silver, we are continually updating our stocks with latest styles. This makes us the foremost destination to be browsed for freshest designs and innovative body jewelry. 
  2. We’re a hit among both the sexes.  Whether you’re talking about cufflinks or neckpieces, we’ve something for everybody.
  3. Whether you’ve a small or a bulk requirement, we can cater to it with our ready-to-ship inventory. We also offer special discounts on your wholesale purchases.

Kamar Silver has been the frontrunner for exclusive body jewelry with a special focus on enamel earrings. Come and explore our collection to create your own statement in no time.


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10 Item(s)

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