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The gold and metallic earring for women looks delicious enough to adore. These fabulous earrings can complete any look with its sweet and stunning tones. There are different types of earrings available for you to select and wear on special occasions to make any outfit shine.

Sparkle with Designer Gold Rings

Perhaps no other metal captures the hearts and minds of fashion enthusiasts more than gold does—this remains an unquestionable fact! But this glowing metal has some shortcomings. It is rather expensive and is not as versatile as some of its cheaper siblings that have an equally remarkable luster. Kamarsilver offers a magnificent collection of gold-plated jewelry that is not expensive as jewelry that contains a much higher percentage of gold. However, you get equally impressive designs with Sterling Silver as the primary material and a finely executed gold plating by our team of seasoned personnel—most with decades of experience!

  1. Expect the most exotic range of affordable gold plated jewelry at reasonable prices and in a variety of colors and hues.
  2. You get the warm glow of gold and the durability associated with 925 Sterling Silver
  3. We are 925 Sterling Silver jewelry experts, delivering the highest level of craftsmanship
  4. We strive to meet and exceed the latest benchmarks for quality in this niche
  5. With our direct-from-factory approach, we have created a unique pricing advantage that stands unmatched in the market today
  6. Just reach out to us via email or phone for great deals on wholesale fashion jewelry

We stand unchallenged as the Best Wholesale Gold Ring Experts

Gold jewelry made in Sterling Silver offers the highest level of durability. You get reasonably priced fashion jewelry that is now grabbing attention at the global level. We are trying to add more to this collection, including artistic creations. Our designing team has turned gold body jewelry into a more realizable dream. You can expect more elaborate designs such as stunning armor rings as well as some subtle designer pieces like Criss Cross Rings. Please understand that our masterpieces are different than the loud, gimmicky designs found elsewhere—we deliver real substance, authentic designs, & unmatched quality!

Why purchase from

Kamarsilver is the leading online retailer in the niche of 925 Sterling Silver fashion jewelry. Globally present across Asia, Europe and the US, we are now expanding our inventory’s outreach, making it a staple for lifestyle stores that sell high-street and budgeted fashion jewelry. 

  1. We have the ability to deliver a serious pricing advantage and the ability to scale-up production to meet wholesale and bulk requirements. This applies to our range of gold plated jewelry too.
  2. We ensure that from procuring raw materials to packaging and shipping, each process is run through regular quality checks.
  3. The emphasis is always on delivering 100% customer satisfaction.
  4. We wish that our customers get an attractive-yet-affordable line of designer jewelry with the best of online shopping experience.

An ecologically conscious brand, Kamarsilver adopts environmentally-friendly practices only. There is more to the brand:

  1. Each of our products is 100% nickel-free!
  2. You get the amazing fusion of handcrafted and digitally engineered fashion jewelry
  3. We often launch SPECIAL DEALS on trending fashion jewelry
  4. Nothing flawed makes it to this collection – we are perfectionists!

We thrive on making fashionable jewelry affordable. Why? Because we believe that designer accessories make the everyday routine a more lovable affair. We are here to offer you highly affordable fashion jewelry in a range of style and quality that is at par with the more renowned, bigger corporate brands. This is where you get the real deal—no blatant promotion—just authentic jewelry at unrivalled prices!

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