Embrace the wrist fashion this season and rule the ramp, like a true fashionista .Featuring unique combination of style and comfort, our exclusive collection of fashion jewelries are a must addition to your accessory collection. From exotic amber stone studded bracelets to handmade wooden bangles-we have a wide range of jewelry to suit your style sense.

Antique Amber Jewelry Made in 925 Sterling Silver

Kamarsilver is home to the most beautiful range of 925 Sterling Silver jewelry, handmade with love and care to provide you boutique designs at affordable prices. Our easy-to-scale business model means that we can combine the exclusivity of designs with affordability and bulk production capacity. For us, 925 Sterling Silver is the perfect balance of affordability and flamboyance.

Unlike other jewelry websites, we don’t offer predictable inventory—we continue to evolve, challenge the norms. Our fashion jewelry catalog has just gotten better with the introduction of Amber Jewelry—we love the warm, rustic charm that stands unrivalled. Using Amber in our range of fashion jewelry, our team has done something special. They have been able to find many avenues with this rather versatile material, helping them carve handmade jewelry that surpasses all expectations. This collection is valued more for its retro, vintage appeal. This is rather predictable – a pre-historic fossil material, i.e. Amber, will always have a slight vintage appeal. But then, expect us to do things differently than other jewelry stones. This means you get an amazing range of jewelry that includes 925 Sterling Silver as the basic, constructional material and Amber as the gemstone.

The combination of Sterling Silver and Amber offers a unique look which creates an exquisite aura of femininity. Apart from adding aesthetics to the equation, this type of jewelry has a bit of mysticism too. Pure Amber jewelry has been known to have magical properties. Even now, many people associate Amber Silver Jewelry with mystical, positive vibes. From wearing amber silver jewelry to the office or when vacationing along a beach, feel assured of looking trendy – such is the aura of Amber Jewelry that combines a resilient, lustrous alloy and a pre-historic material!

Please note that Natural Amber is not a stone! It is fossilized resin and needs to be handled with care – by seasoned craftsmen – we have the master craftsmen who have the skills required to handle this rare material!

What is special about our collection of Amber jewelry?

People vouch for the health benefits of Amber just by wearing the necklace or bracelet. Our collection of Amber jewelry has ensured that this line of jewelry can be worn for its healing or for purely aesthetical reasons. Here, you can find the entire range of designs made possible by mating Amber and 925 Sterling Silver. From handmade wooden bangles to fashionable accessories like stone-studded bracelets, Kamarsilver ensures that you get the entire range of Amber jewelry in its most classical and contemporary form.

  1. 100% genuine 925 Sterling Silver at wholesale rates
  2. 100% nickel-free jewelry
  3. Self-owned manufacturing, designing, warehousing and selling platform
  4. Direct-from-warehouse practices to keep the prices at their lowest

Why Kamarsilver is the preferred destination for buying unique handmade Sterling Silver jewelry?

If you are particular about getting dedicated customer service and exclusive designs at wholesale rates, and the assurance of premium materials handcrafted to excellence, expect a perfect production unit using our scalable model during high-demand seasons.

  1. You get industry-best Money Back Guarantee policy
  2. Our products carry trusted certifications from recognized global authorities
  3. Feel assured about 100% purity in our ingredients and safety of use
  4. Our line of body jewelry presents a great deal on anti-allergic, skin-safe jewelry
  5. We offer wholesale, bulk order processing in ready-to-ship format
  6. We have marked our global presence across Asia, Europe and US

We are a globally recognized jewelry designing and wholesale business with increasing global presence. Trust us to deliver the best in online shopping interactions and premium amber jewelry at unbeatable rates…

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