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For a simple and more personalized look, go for the initial pendants necklaces-a trend that will never be out dated. Add to this the magic of pure sterling silver and you are ready to be the enchantress. From plain silver initial to diamond initial necklaces and pendants we have a huge collection of monograms and silver pendant that can be matched with your outfits for a cool look.

Personalize Your Jewelry with the Initial Pendants from KamarSilver

We all have our own choices, preferences and personalization regarding everything that we possess; from our wardrobe to the books we read, from our homes to the food we eat; then why not regarding our jewelry too? To have our initials encrusted with precious stones and carved out on precious sterling silver metal which speaks elegance, beauty and our own brand of style sounds just as exquisite as we promise it to look. We bring to you an array of customized pendants which are designed as alphabets set upon 925 sterling silver and encrusted with gemstones and crystals of the finest quality and cut. The precision, symmetry and shape are definite and the polish and sparkle is astounding. These pieces are designed keeping in mind the latest trends and the changing fashion. You can find pieces which are styled in contemporary, modern, anime and floral patterns and choose likewise depending upon your personality.  The pieces designed by us are completely safe on skin and are comfortable to wear.

Why choose us?

  1. Kamar Silver is one of the leading brands which have expanded drastically in a short span of time. We bring to you an array of beautiful jewelry in authentic material and designs that aim to allure
  2. There is a regular updating of our stocks which helps us in providing you with an array of best and freshest collection of silver jewelry
  3. There’s transparency in all our dealings. Any information that you share with us during the transactions stays perfectly confidential
  4. Each and every piece is designed out of authentic and genuine silver and constructed by professionals

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