Jazz up your ethnic outfit with this amber stone bead necklace. Each of these amber-necklaces are made from genuine amber stones collected from most exotic places and turned into beautiful jewelries by master craftsmen to give you what can be called as true examples of artistic excellence. In our fashionable jewelry section, we provide a dazzling range of beaded jewellery that adds a dash of style to your persona.

Fashionable Bead Jewelry for You

The trend of wearing beaded jewelry isn’t a new one. It was popular around 3,000 years back too. This trend was further revived in the hippie movement. Folks used to make their own beaded jewelry and pamper their arms, wrists and all body with such accessories. This invited global attention when various celebs flaunted such pearly or colorful beads on red carpet events. This was the breakthrough in to mainstream. Since then, various online stores have come up with exotic collections of bead jewelry and Kamar Silver is one of them.

At Kamar Silver, we’ve hand-curated the largest assortment of bead jewelry with a special focus on Amber Jewelry. Our amber neckpieces may include twine, plastics, cords, silk or nylon to keep these amber stones together. These yellow necklaces not only add a feminine flair to your personality but also highlight your neckline in an entirely natural way.

Now, the question arises: Why Us?

Here is you should shop for beaded jewelry at Kamar Silver:

  1. Kamar Silver is one of the most illustrious webstores to deal in beaded jewelry.
  2. We procure beads and authentic crystals from their natural sources only.
  3. Our accessories are 100% nickel-free. 
  4. We ship internationally.
  5. Our 7-day return policy has helped us in garnering huge attention from our customers.

Hypoallergenic metals like 925 Sterling Silver, 316L Surgical Steel, etc. are used in making most of our products. No matter what, we assure that your comfort never gets compromised in the process.


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