Add more sparkle to your feminine grace with a gorgeous silver heart shaped pendant that seems to bring together all the elements of beauty in the world. At, you would be delighted to find some of the best collection of jewelry in silver at best prices.

Fashion Comes a Full Circle with 925 Sterling Silver Pendants

We adore 925 Sterling Silver and are continuously creating, conceptualizing and designing more jewelry items using this brilliant white alloy. For us, 925 Sterling Silver is the perfect amalgamation of durability, affordability and panache. We have used the same in our range of Fashion Pendants.

Yes, pendants exude an exquisite aura of femininity. Lovingly hand-crafted, Sterling Silver Pendants define our approach to fashion jewelry. Each piece you find in this collection is a unique work of art. These shining pendants add elegance to casual outfit and formal attires. Apart from adding beauty, pendants are also popular for their healing effects, i.e. when professionally treated crystals are incorporated for inducing positive vibes and for optimizing the flow of life/energy.

The task of Buying Silver Pendant Jewelry is not easy—for starters, there are many misconceptions about silver jewelry. Getting tarnished easily to being unflattering for being combined with gemstones are some of the common misconstrued perceptions. We are here to offer you the best in fashionable 925 Sterling Silver Pendants and will help you realize why this is perhaps the best choice in body jewelry material.

What is unique about Sterling Silver Pendants by Kamarsilver?

There are unlimited platforms that promise delivering fine quality silver jewelry. But often, many of them are misleading as the quality of silver is sub-standard. is a decade-old online Silver Jewelry specialist, with presence across Asia, Europe and the US. It is among the handful of 925 Sterling Silver jewelry specialists with global footprints. Expect nothing but the best online shopping experience and the lowest wholesale and bulk rates. Silver is considered among the difficult-to-main jewelry materials. Kamarsilver has busted such myths with its line of 925 Sterling Silver that is durable, super lustrous, and doesn’t need comprehensive maintenance.

Glance at any of our 925 Sterling Silver creations and you will instantly get the feeling that these are high-street pendants, priced shockingly low and leagues better than imitation jewelry. Some other noticeable advantages:

  1. 925 Sterling Silver Pendants are budget-friendly
  2. This alloy has a flawless, lustrous exterior
  3. 925 Sterling Silver is lightweight
  4. 925 Sterling Silver Pendants can complement a wide array of apparel/attire choices
  5. Being versatile, it is easy to craft in different designs
  6. You can choose bold & big 925 Sterling Silver pendants or the more restrained, petite variety

Your Quest for 100% Genuine Fashion Jewelry Ends Here!

Trust Kamarsilver for buying the finest in Sterling Silver Fashion Jewelry. The in-house creative team including craftsmen, procurement specialists and warehousing experts come together to create an environment that breeds original, exclusive designs and purity of materials. Despite this penchant for excellence, we are ready with scalable production capacity, able to meet the biggest wholesale or bulk orders with industry-best turnaround periods. You can feel assured about 100% pure 925 Sterling Silver Pendants, quality-verified, at par with global standards in this segment, ready to ship to an international address of your choice—just get in touch with us to set-up the perfect deal for you!!

Please note that despite our modest prices, we use only high-grade materials. The use of ethically procured, original 925 Sterling Silver underlines this fact. With our direct-to-buyer practices, we have created an unmatched pricing advantage. If you can identify a better deal on genuine, 100% pure 925 Sterling Silver jewelry, Contact Us and we will revert with an unbeatable quote...!

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