Genuine Gems

Gift her with a beautiful silver gemstone earring-a perfect romantic gesture, a touching way to express you love. Crafted with fine details in some of the most remarkable metals, embedded with precious stones our exquisite silver gemstone jewelry collection give you more reason to celebrate special occasions of your life.

Sterling Silver Gems – Gemstone Jewelry at its Finest!

This is your chance to buy one-of-a-kind fashion jewelry crafted from genuine 925 Sterling Silver. Each item on display here can be an expression of your lifestyle choices. Our craftsmen are inspired by classic designs and understand the buying psychology of today’s buyers. You get an exotic collection of Gemstone-heavy jewelry with various textures and colors on offer. At Kamarsilver, we create the perfect balance of elegance and affordability. Our Sterling Silver Gems collection is undoubtedly the best in this segment—a must-have option for the contemporary lady who likes to accessorize to impress. Our repertoire in fashion jewelry just got better with Turquoise, Opal Jewelry, Coral Red, Black Onyx and Amber jewelry.

Turquoise Jewelry – Unparalleled Fashion Jewelry!

Our turquoise jewelry continues to be a bestseller. It is the perfect accessory for all attires, no matter how you accessorize, i.e. heavy on colors, fusion designs or minimalistically. Turquoise Jewelry started trending recently and we are adding more designs for your consideration. We recommend our 925 Sterling Silver and CZ Turquoise fancy rings.

Opal Jewelry – Lifestyle Jewelry priced to perfection!

Opal jewelry in sterling silver is a unique proposition. This is not about being subtle. Opals are among the bigger gemstones and are a great option for those who want to dress vivaciously. We bring the same enthusiasm in each of our opal jewelry offerings. Every opal has a certain interplay-of-colors, complemented by the gleaming silver surface. Explore multi-hued pendants, rings and earrings by Kamarsilver.

Red Coral Jewelry – the Best in Unconventional Fashion Jewelry!

Emerging fashion jewelry is getting bolder and bigger. Our red coral jewelry is in-sync with this trend. You get zesty red colored corals crafted by master craftsmen to create a unique line of pendants and earrings. Red coral stone is the perfect contrast for the more sober 925 Sterling Silver.

Black Onyx Jewelry – Jewelry with healing properties!

Onyx is considered to be a protective stone with positive vibes and healing effects. When worn, it engages attention due to its magnificent, lustrous black appearance. Kamarsilver has forged the black onyx in gorgeous, one-of-a-kind designs. It is also one of the more fashionable and affordable lifestyle jewelry options.

Amber Jewelry – Reinventing Classic Jewelry for You!

Amber jewelry has always been in high demand. It has an organic, close-to-nature aura unmatched by other gemstones. Combining natural amber and 925 Sterling Silver means a unique, aesthetically progressive contrast. You get to choose this jewelry in many hues. Ask us for big discounts on bulk orders of amber jewelry.

How we differ from our contemporaries? has been in the business of creating handcrafted fashion jewelry using premium materials like high-grade Stainless Steel and 925 Sterling Silver. With a decade-long presence in the wholesale jewelry market, it is now redefining the way we buy fashion jewelry. Expect more handmade jewelry pieces. Our craftsmen handle the fine balance between simplicity and grandeur with an innovative approach.

  1. Customer-centric, collaborative approach that encourages interacting with buyers
  2. Get the best of existing and emerging jewelry trends
  3. A progressive inventory that is groomed according to customer feedback
  4. Quality-conscious approach despite a perfect platform to deliver bulk volumes
  5. Purity of materials to ensure safety-of-use

Each piece of jewelry tells a unique story. We help you create your own, choosing from an exclusive range of Sterling Silver creations, each crafted to perfection, at par with global quality standards…

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