Hoop Stud

Our traditional silver hoop jhumka earrings lend a classic touch to any ensemble. Embellished with glittering stones and a polished metallic finish, these earrings are a sure way to glam up your look. From Swan Shaped 925 Sterling Silver White CZ Earrings to Sterling Silver Micro Setting White CZ Earring-there are endless options to choose from.

Hoop Stud Earrings from KamarSilver

Buying the correct jewelry for yourself is not just dependent upon the type and style that you pursue but also the finesse with it is made, keeping in mind a few points before you spend money on anything. It is important that you only choose jewelry from brands which guarantee authenticity regarding the material it uses.  Jewelry can be alluring and worthy of admiration by the way it looks but it also important that they be durable and authentic.

At Kamar Silver, we understand this element and bring to you authentic pieces of jewelry in understated beauty which aim to allure and at the same time are made up of the most authentic material. We bring to you an array of hoop stud earrings which are made up of 925 sterling silver and are crafted in wonderful designs which range from swans and floral to cute encrusted studs. You will find all types of jewelry fashioned in traditional, contemporary, anime and ethnic designs to choose from.

Where Style Meets Authenticity

  1. Kamar Silver is a brand which prides itself in being one of the leading webstores that produce authentic and most exquisite pieces of jewelry
  2. Kamar silver ensures that complete transparency is maintained in the process of all our client dealings and complete confidentiality is maintained regarding the details shared with us
  3. The material used in making these pieces is completely genuine and finest in quality

We are an internationally recognized jewelry designing and wholesale business with an expanding global presence. Trust us to deliver the best of online shopping interactions and premium amber jewelry at unbeatable rates. 

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