Majestic Men's

Designed to perfection, the channel setting diamond rings are a perfect match for your beautiful designer gown. Studded with precious stones, these rings feature a unique and impressive shape. The channel setting rings are also available in various colors. The silver black CZ prong setting ring and the 3 stone diamond ring channel setting are some of the finest looking channel setting rings that are available at our online store.

KamarSilver offers Stylish Men’s Rings

Men also love to look phenomenal. They also want to accessorize in way that reflects their individual style. What could be the better than our Majestic Men’s rings to do so? Our collection of men’s ring symbolizes boldness in character and uniqueness in taste. These men’s rings are designed to devote to their personal significance. They are the perfect adornments for those who wish to keep their style quotient as simple as possible.  If you’re one of those who would suit-up for an ordinary event and shock his fashion-critics with every appearance, then you deserve to own these rings for sure.

At KamarSilver, we own a unique collection of men’s ring made of 925 Sterling Silver. In a broader way, these rings are often called affiliation rings. Each ring in our inventory has a bespoke design and intricate carvings to denote your affiliation towards a particular group, a common trend or any sort of liking with an evolving trend. Our rings can be worn as class rings or fraternal rings. These rings are all made of the sterile metal called 925 Sterling Silver. This is why; these rings are totally hypoallergenic and recommended for day-long use without developing any allergy or irritation.  

  1. Our rings are bedecked with beautiful cubic zirconia crystals to strike for an impressive coordination.
  2. Our rings are 100% nickel-free. This also suggests for their hypoallergenic nature.
  3. Our rings are available in a range of sizes, shapes, and designs. You can expect multiple combinations here to complement your fresh style.

We’ve also experimented with the inlaying of these crystals in steel mounts. Expect bezel rings, multi-prong set rings, channel-set rings and claw-set rings here. 

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