New Arrivals

Fresh 925 Sterling Silver Arrivals at Kamarsilver

We are 925 Sterling Silver specialists – this is slowly becoming our identity – the tagline that is snowballing us into the global designer jewelry marketplace. This is because of a simple reason. Our collection of 925 Sterling Silver body jewelry follows a simple ideology, i.e. there is always room for improvement, there is always a way to outdo ourselves. This is why Kamarsilver is emerging as the globally adored online platform for buying 925 Sterling Silver jewelry in unique and classical designs.

Kamarsilver is a True Fashion Jewelry Destination

Jewelry has always been a culture for us. Our creative team continues to handcraft and use some emerging digital tools to craft jewelry that stands apart from the crowd. We are for the masses but come with a boutique approach. This is why we love high-quality Stainless Steel & 925 Sterling Silver — both come with a lustrous exterior that is immune to structural challenges that are a part of everyday life.

Kamarsilver is Now Global, Growing without Stopping to Create

We have emerged as the one-stop destination for exploring and buying the largest variety of silver-based jewelry pieces that can compete with higher-priced, more premium brands. We are firmly anchored in the fashion jewelry segment. The world looks at us as we do something new, creating fashion jewelry that is significantly different from anything found at high-street, premium brands or flea markets. Yes, this is the emerging global standard for fashion jewelry, especially when 925 Sterling Silver is the sole focus.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle with a Jewelry Update

Designed meticulously with a mighty appeal and polished perfectly, our “New Arrival” in silver jewelry resembles perfectly shaped pieces in geometric silhouettes and blazing finish. Hand-finished in Sterling Silver with embedded CZ, each piece of jewelry that you’ll find in this collection has just the right amount of curves, a unique quality and delicate design. Every piece is comfortable to be worn at the beach, parties or the workplace. The emerging collection includes rings, earrings and pendants that might look not-so-unique at first glance but stop for a moment more and you will realize the exclusivity that awaits your attention. Some of our best pieces include:

  1. Wing bird design
  2. Flower design
  3. Cut round pieces
  4. Dangling tear drops
  5. Multi-colored stones
  6. Genuine Swiss marcasite 925 sterling silver jewelry

Shop with Kamarsilver for the Ultimate in Sterling Silver Jewelry

At, our designing team works in collaboration with fashion trend-spotters and jewelry industry experts to uncover new designs. Turning rough sketches into real-life jewelry, transforming technical drawings into exotic designs. We buy raw materials from legal, approved suppliers that guarantee that purity of materials like 925 Sterling Silver. We try our best to keep our new additions genuine, ethically procured, environmentally friendly and conflict-free. Our methodologies are a little time consuming; we design with a sense of the contemporary buyer’s sensibility. Our refinement levels are at par with the biggest brands in this segment.

We bet you are going to fall in love our New Arrivals collection. Why? Loving such an adorable collection of fashion accessories, high on pure 925 Sterling Silver, is just impossible! We request you to come back for discovering more vivid, pioneering body jewelry designs…

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