Get the elegant and fashionable look with a finely designed opal and diamond necklace designed to bring out the enchantress in you. From opal and diamond studded necklaces to precious gemstone engagement ring-each of the jewelries from our collection has a story of itself. Make no more delay and choose the best ornament that complements your persona.

Guilty as charged—we are obsessed with opals! However, we cannot let go of our fascination for 925 Sterling Silver either. The solution lies in creating the perfect brew of these two fantastic materials. We have created an online platform dedicated to such popular and somewhat unconventional fashion jewelry. Here, you get Fine Opal Jewelry comprising of ethically mined, 100% real opals, crafted into earrings, rings and pendants, using the finest grade of 925 Sterling Silver. Opal is not your usual gemstone. Mined mostly in Australia and distributed across the world, it is garnering popularity as a gemstone—owing to its astonishing color pattern. Opals contain a tint of possibly every color, which makes it complement every outfit, mood or wardrobe selection for the day. Opal Jewelry has bounced back to mainstream fashion lanes. We are in tune with today’s fashion couture and realize the rising popularity of opals, using it in a refreshingly new avatar. We have a range of Opal Jewelry crafted in 100% genuine 925 Sterling Silver where the combination of opal gemstones and the lustrous silvery surface make the perfect match.

If it is about Opal Jewelry, it has to be Kamarsilver!

Make your first impression bold and stylish with opals—an eternal and now heavily trending jewelry option. What gives opal an edge over other gemstones is their shiny surface, incredible color patterns and timeless grace. We, at Kamarsilver, have a wide collection of brilliant opals in various colors, shapes and designs:

  1. Our opal pendants range has been carved in pure 925 Sterling Silver
  2. The finishing is par excellence – flawless, even when you order in bulk
  3. We are experts in delivering a fine fusion of durability and functionality
  4. In our attempt to deliver the best to our clients, we craft jewelry using high-quality materials, skin-safe metals and genuine stones
  5. Our designers always keep a tab on the latest fashion trends to create boutique designs with inspirations that are as varied as the range of colors found on opals
  6. Being the sole designer and manufacturer along with controlling our retail and wholesale platforms, we have been able to create the perfect pricing range

We believe that fashion accessories are inseparable part of our lifestyles. We give you a reason to celebrate life more, enrich it with vibrant, colorful creations. Whether you seek opal jewelry for aesthetic reasons or driven by the will to explore, we have the perfect collection for you. Redefine your obsession for Opal Jewelry with intriguing designs at Kamarsilver.

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