Add an interesting edge to your style with the intricately designed silver necklaces. The beautifully designed pendant fall freely from a link chain and is thereby stylish and attractive. Having a perfect lustrous finish, the sterling silver-bracelets are sure to add to your trendy look.

925 Sterling Silver Pendants & Necklace

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry emanates a feminine aura and is worthy of being in every woman’s accessory collection. We are pioneers in 925 silver fashion jewelry, among the first group of entrepreneurs who challenged traditional, heavy and expensive jewelry trends with alternative jewelry that looks equally premium but comes at a drastically low price. Apart from imparting beauty and sophistication to your persona, it also adds sparkle to your attire. However, picking 925 Sterling Silver jewelry to style your neckline is not easy. You need options that are versatile, visually captivating and are made of materials that are structurally strong and chemically inert. We take you on journey of fashion jewelry you have never experienced before—spare a few minutes for this range of designer Sterling Silver Pendants and Necklaces that have the credentials to lend you an individual style. 

Simply put, Kamarsilver is all about celebrating 'who you truly are'

Our obsession with quality and creating a vast assortment of exclusively designed silver pendants stands unrivalled in the market. We are counted among the finest alternative and body piercing jewelry houses worldwide. For us, Silver Pendants are the perfect brew of affordability and panache. Each jewelry displayed in this category has been handpicked by seasoned jewelry designers. Our team of skillful artisans work as a team to create necklaces and pendants that are a great way to complement your everyday attire, from partying options to jewelry for the workplace.

Sterling Silver Pendants are awe-inspiring, Aesthetically & Money-wise

Purchasing Silver Pendant Jewelry is a daunting task. From getting tarnished easily to the surface being scratched beyond redemption, it seems the fashion jewelry industry is overrun by sub-par options. We bring a new element of confidence and sustainable styling to 925 Sterling Silver jewelry. Our designs are neither too conservative nor so bizarre that you cannot even consider trying them once. We approach creativity with a sense of practicality. You get finely crafted 925 Silver pendants and necklaces, each with the promise of durability and an exterior that is almost immune to possibly damaging weather conditions. Celebrating the uniqueness of silver as a designing material, our catalogue of premium designer pendants has an invigorating twist. These designer necklaces are 100% sterile, come with an attached link chain and you have the option of ordering them in bulk volumes at even better quotes. Our silver pendants are apt for women who seek regular wear and special occasion jewelry at budget-friendly prices.

What makes us Sterling Silver jewelry experts?

Kamarsilver is the leading online retailer in the niche of 925 Sterling Silver fashion jewelry. We pride ourselves for delivering excellent customer service. We are a self-owned manufacturing, retailing and wholesaling platform. Our approach ensures that from procuring raw materials to shipping, each process is scanned via thorough quality checks.

  1. We are now a global shipping enterprise with production, warehousing and shipping network across multiple continents
  2. Expect 100% sterile, superior materials to ensure safety of your skin and durability of the jewelry item
  3. We follow the most stringent quality-assessment practices to ensure compliance with globally-followed industrial parameters
  4. Our stylish Silver Jewelry designs include Swarovski - Preciosa crystals, Silicones, UV, etc.
  5. A community-conscious brand, Kamarsilver adopts environmentally-friendly manufacturing and supplying practices 

We are the safest online platform to browse and buy genuine 925 sterling silver jewelry. Expect exclusive designs at amazing prices. You can get even better prices on bulk orders.  Just call or email us to ensure we revert with an unbeatable quote. Meanwhile, explore this collection to choose a necklace or pendant that makes sense for your lifestyle requirements or consumer demographic…


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