Add some gleam and shine to your look with beautiful sterling silver ear rings. From Sterling Silver Plain Elephant Hook Earring to 925 Sterling Silver Plain Hook Bell Earring-we have huge collection of splendid silver earrings in multitudes of designs and patterns to be worn on those special occasions". We deal in all kinds of jewelry suppled at reasonable rates.

Plain Silver Earrings

To a lady of attitude, simplicity and subtlety who believes that “less is more”, we have perfect pieces designed especially for the diva in you who firmly believes in genuine and raw beauty. These pieces are perfect for the ladies in their early twenties or college going women who like to keep it understated with a complete knowledge of how much understated beauty is capable of. Yes, you read that right. These pieces beautifully enhance your femininity with an added incentive to your self-confidence. In this category, we bring to you an array of plain sterling silver earrings from Kamar Silver which are designed in various endearing styles and sized adequately with aligned crystals and gemstones. These bespeak sophistication and unmatched finesse. The material used is completely genuine and of the highest quality. These are comfortable, light-weight and easy to carry and completely safe on skin. You can go through the catalog and decide for yourself which one you’d like to pursue according to your personal style.

Choose from the Experts

  1. Kamar silver is one of the leading brands which deliver authentic jewelry of unmatchable quality
  2. The jewelry designed by Kamar Silver are completely skin-friendly, safe and comfortable to wear
  3. The put client centrism as our top-most priority hence, care is taken not just in delivering the best quality of products but also, in the entire dealing an transaction that takes place between the dealer and the buyer

We are an internationally recognized jewelry designing and wholesale business with an expanding global presence.

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