Cross-shaped and other related religious pendant accessories have always enjoyed great admiration from people settled all across the globe. Assumed to be one of the most popular religious symbols, the Silver Cross Pendants from our popular silver pendents collection are available in different designs to suit your need. We offer wide range of jewelry at the best affordable prices.

Soulful and Religious Pendants

Religion and spirituality are elements of the soul which inspire you to keep becoming a better version of you each day. It is not just a reminder of who you are but also, brings into your life a sense of belongingness, peace and stability. As important as this element can be, we have showcased in our work in an equally beautiful manner. What we offer you here is a selection of beautiful silver pieces of sterling silver religious pendants which are encrusted with precious stones and gemstones in a variety of designs which suits your persona beautifully. The designs feature the Cross, the Open Circle, the Dharma Chakra and The Tri-Star and Moon amongst the others. These pieces are designed of 925 sterling silver as the base metal. The metal and the stones are of the purest and finest quality and the pieces are designed to perfection. The designing is done keeping in mind you comfort and safety of skin. The pieces are completely skin-friendly.

Why Kamar Silver?

  1. Kamar silver utilizes only professional expertise in intricately designing each of its piece which are finest in quality and precision
  2. The  quality and expertise in our art of jewelry making makes us a leading webstore and manufacturer of authentic silver jewelry
  3. The price range is reasonably low and the pieces are affordable than most other webstores and jewelry makers in the market
  4. We maintain transparency and complete confidentiality in the transaction and purchase that is carried out between the customers and the retailers
  5. The easy return policy ensures that we retain our customer loyalists and ensure 100% customer satisfaction on all our products

Kamar Silver is an internationally recognized jewelry designing and wholesale business with an expanding global presence. We bring to you the best of online shopping interactions and premium silver jewelry at unbeatable rates.


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