Red Coral Jewelry

Make a bold statement with the stunning pair of red coral silver ear rings featuring exotic red coral stones handpicked from their natural habitat. Choose from the huge collection of designer inspired red coral jewelries that exude a certain classic appeal and a touch of elegance.

Give your Outfits a Rosy Glow with Precious Red Coral Jewelry

Welcome to our exclusive range of Red Coral jewelry. This collection is treasured more for its antique looks—though not precisely vintage, it has that old-world charm.

Kamarsilver is an eminent online jewelry store that offers an extensive array of fine 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry. Handmade with love, each of our jewelry items is intricately designed and has a genuine finishing. We have an easy-to-scale business model that promises both affordability and bulk production capacity—we are counted among the most aggressively growing fashion jewelry wholesalers today across the globe.

Unlike other jewelry websites, we don’t offer the usual range of designs. Repetitiveness is against our creative team’s ethics and evolving is at the core of our business philosophy. Expect passionately designed stand-out pieces that can help you create a unique assortment of fashion accessories without spending big. Designed by excellent artists and crafted by master craftsmen, we aim to provide you with a sumptuous meal of glamorous fashion jewelry at affordable prices!

You get majestic jewelry that includes 925 Sterling Silver as the primary constructional material, adorned with precious corals as the gemstone. Combining Sterling Silver and Coral gemstone makes a perfect marriage of style and durability. From wearing coral silver jewelry to the workplace or while enjoying beach parties, this collection assures you a charming look, such is the mystic aura of Coral Red Jewelry. Popular for its ability to blend textures, this Deep Red Jewelry can be worn with new-age and classical apparel.

Please note that we hand-select these sustainably harvested precious red corals of finest quality from markets around the world!

What is unique about our range of Coral Jewelry?

Unlike many misleading platforms use imitations of natural corals, using alternative materials like plastic and fossil ivory, our range of Coral jewelry including pendants and earrings is made with 100% genuine 925 Sterling Silver and ethically-mined corals. We use direct-from-warehouse practices thereby reducing the prices to the minimum. Kamarsilver is a self-owned manufacturing, designing, warehousing and selling platform. We have eliminated third parties that can inflate the prices.

Kamarsilver is a 925 Sterling Silver specialist when it comes to fashion jewelry. This is the ideal selection for women who value versatility, style and comfort. We pride ourselves for delivering excellent customer service. You will seldom find trustworthy online platforms providing such a diverse range of designer jewelry!

  1. We ensure special care in selecting crystals treated to ensure they create positive energies
  2. We are now a global shipping enterprise with production, warehousing and shipping network across different continents
  3. Expect 100% sterile and premium materials to ensure safety of your skin and durability of the jewelry
  4. Expect huge discounts on bulk orders
  5. We present the most structured, quickly moving warehouse inventory for fashion jewelry
  6. We follow the most stringent quality-assessment practices to ensure compliance with globally-recognized industrial parameters

Our in-house team consists of seasoned craftsmen who are experts at transforming different types of metals, gemstones and alloys into uncanny designs that can be worn with traditional and contemporary wardrobe choices…

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