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Handmade Jewelry

There is nothing more auspicious than a designer inspired jewelry sets , when you want to look your best for life's most important celebrations like engagements, anniversaries and weddings. Our exquisite collection features some of the most beautiful jewelries that have been created with great care and affection by expert craftsmen to making them truly treasurable.

Complete Your Look with Handmade Jewelry

Take a creative team of seasoned craftsmen, give them a beautiful-yet-versatile lustrous alloy and the liberty to create something exotic—the result is brilliant, i.e. 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Jewelry.

Yes, we are 925 Sterling Silver Handmade jewelry specialists. It has taken us almost a decade to create the perfect platform for handmade jewelry that fuses contemporary edginess with rustic charm. You get beautiful designs which have their individual charisma. Handmade jewelry has always been the trendiest jewelry—nothing matches the skilled, exclusive handiwork of artisans who combine years of silver jewelry acumen. Our collection of handmade jewelry is gaining immense popularity amongst women of all age groups. The reason is simple to understand—it complements different types of attires and the style is eternal.

Our beautiful collection of handmade jewelry consists of:

  1. Antique handmade pendants
  2. 925 Sterling Silver Handmade Pendant with necklaces
  3. 925 Silver hand-carved earrings, rings, & bracelets
  4. Silver jewelry in the form of crystal sets

What makes our handmade jewelry unique?

Modern approach to traditional designs to create the most irresistible piece of vintage and fashionable 925 Sterling Silver Handmade jewelry:

  1. Rings: Beautifully crafted, our collection of silver-rings has been designed to suit modern and traditional attires. Our rings can prove to be the perfect token of love—just about perfect for occasions like anniversaries, engagements or your beloved’s birthday. Affordable, lovable and always in vogue!
  2. Earrings: Crafted from 925 Sterling Silver, our collection of handmade earrings comes with the promise of offering the most stylish look to your attire. Style them with your dress, top or even skirt and be ready for a truckload of compliments! Exotic & everyday wear earrings – each priced to perfection!
  3. Pendant: Silver pendants offered by Kamarsilver are made to adorn your neckline in a majestic fashion. These pendants are light in weight, rust proof and are available in a huge variety of designs and shapes.

What makes us unique in jewelry industry?

  1. Products we offer carry trusted certifications from recognized global authorities
  2. Our skilled craftsmen make boutique jewelry but we have the capacity to deliver these exclusive designs in bigger, bulk volumes
  3. Our direct-to-customer selling practices keep the pricing modest
  4. We are the perfect example of modern technology being employed in the niche of traditional jewelry making—handmade expertise meets new-age professionals and you get the best of both worlds, i.e. trending jewelry with a major pricing advantage

Our popular range of silver handmade jewelry is high on quality, ready for bulk order processing and our direct-to-customer practice guarantees you get the latest 925 Sterling Silver Handmade body jewelry at the best online prices…