Small is one of the leading web stores that offer an exclusive collection of Silver Pendants in a multitude of stones, designs and patterns. Available in heart shapes, these pendants can be tried with any chain or thread for ease of wearing. In order to have a better jewelry shopping experience, feel free to visit us now.

Add an Element of Sweetness with the Sophisticated and Small Sterling Silver Pendants

“Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication”, is a rightly stated phrase by a person of great understanding and wisdom. There is no denying that more than what you wear, what really holds importance is how you carry yourself. Confidence and sophistication takes you a long way. This is what the collection of jewelry which we bring to you in this category speak volumes of. These are more importantly pieces that enhance your look adding an element of sweetness and acting as an incentive to boost your self-confidence. Choose from the wide array of small and sophisticated pendants designed upon 925 sterling silver base and encrusted with crystals and precious gemstones of the finest and purest quality. The cut and symmetry of the pieces and majorly the stone ensures that it dazzles to perfection and the sterling silver metal on which they placed is completely safe on skin. These are available in various designs such as the teardrop, butterfly, heart, floral, bear and anchor amongst the others.

How do we differ?

  1. Kamar Silver is one of the leading brands which have expanded drastically in a short span of time. We bring to you an array of beautiful jewelry in authentic material and designs that aim to allure
  2. The transactions and services provided to you have an element of transparency which ensure that the details you provide us with stay safe and confidential
  3. We bring to you a wide range of jewelry which include modern, traditional, ethnic, funky and contemporary in latest designs which means you need not look any further, this is your one stop shop for all that you need
  4. You can be sure of the quality and authenticity of the jewelry as we only used material and stones of the finest quality
  5. Our customer centric approach has been a delightful experience for our regular clients and loyalists and we ensure you a pleasant experience too

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