Cheap Silver Toe Rings

Accessorize your beautiful toe with a designer toe rings in sterling silver. From brilliant handmade stone studded toe ring to plain silver toe rings-we have a wide arrayed collection of painted toe tings in 925 sterling silver to suit your personal choice of style. Get your jewelry today.

Pamper your toes with our Silver Toe Rings

Toe rings were brought to the American streets by Marjorie Borell in 1973. She was an iconic persona who brought the trend of feminine toe rings from India. She began to manufacture and sell these rings all across the New York. However, the trend of wearing toe rings dates around 3,000 years ago. People in different parts of world have different associations with toe rings.  Even today, various celebs are spotted wearing gorgeous toe rings at a number of occasions.

Do you want a toe ring for yourself?

In case you’re planning to update your collection with toe rings, then don’t worry as Kamar Silver owns the finest assortment of designer toe rings. Our toe rings are available in a range of sizes, colors, designs and patterns to complement your effortless style and related requirements. Coordinate these fashionable accessories with your barefoot sandals, anklets, bare feet or flip flops to make a style-statement like never before. All our toe rings are crafted using 925 Sterling Silver to pamper your skin, despite its sensitivity. They are also hand-painted to add an artistic touch to the overall design.

Reasons to Shop @ Kamar Silver

Kamar Silver stands out as the foremost destination to be browsed for designer toe rings online. We’re also known as the body jewelry specialist. Here is why you should know that shopping with us can be a wise call:

  1. Our team of designers creates boutique, never-seen-before designs. If you’ve a special requirement or so, we’re all ears.
  2. Our team of quality inspectors conducts timely checks to ensure the quality of each creation, in square with our industrial standards.
  3. Our team of warehouse professionals prepares reports on the ready-to-ship orders. In case, the ordered product is out of stock, they will intimate it to you ASAP.

At Kamar Silver, we pledge to make your shopping experience better. We’re open to all communications via emails or phone calls. 

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12 Item(s)

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